Friday, 5 August 2011

Flashback Friday - Back to school

Later this month Aaron and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, and so I've been having a look back through all my wedding stuff and thought I'd dedicate August's flashbacks to the theme.

As you may know I don't generally need an excuse for a party, so when I have one I like to make sure I get my money's worth. Therefore I didn't just have a hen night, I had a hen weekend (and a hen night later but that's a different post!)  

A few months before the wedding (well, you never know how bad a hangover might be!) myself and 9 of my old school friends headed off to good ol' Bognor Regis on the South coast to Butlins for a School Disco party weekend, and we did indeed party...

It was a great weekend full of dancing, drinking and eating Burger King at 4am in the morning!  We were even really lucky with the weather and had an afternoon on the beach reading the papers and talking weddings (three of us were engaged at the time) among other random topics of conversation that would have popped into our heads.

Not all the girls could stay the whole weekend so on the Sunday evening there were just four of us left, we were flagging by this point but after some Red Bulls we tried to make a good effort at a third nights dancing. Unfortunately we couldn't handle the pace and ended up back in the room soaking our poor high-heeled damaged feet in a makeshift footspa in the bath whilst drinking the rest of the wine in our pyjamas. 

One of my favourite photos of the weekend!

Again I am relying on the fact I am 3000 miles away to avoid being moaned at for posting these photos - but once again, they could have been worse ;)


  1. Love the school uniforms. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

  2. Looks like a LOT of fun was had !! Can't beat a good girly get together especially when there is drink involved :)

  3. That sounds like a fantastic hen weekend! Love that bathtub photo!

  4. If the girls see it they will probably tell me off, but it was a great moment!


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