Friday, 11 November 2011

Flashback Friday - the best weekends in the world!

Back in the good ol'days we went through a bit of a second childhood!  It all started with my hen weekend when 8 of my friends and I went to Butlins for a 'School disco' weekend and ended up with five separate trips in just two years!

They were quite simply the best weekends of all time! Friends, fancy dress, dancing, drinking and lots and lots of laughter. There was something about the place that made you regress to childhood - maybe it was all the flashing lights on the arcade machines! From the Friday when we arrived until the Monday when we left it was like being in a different world - a world that was often very surreal!

Aaron and I, as we do went to great efforts to persuade everyone to dress up, at least on the Saturday night. Over the various trips we have been school kids on several occasions (the simplest and one of the most fun, especially when there are 8 of you dressed like it!), Superheroes, and other random and quite brilliant costumes ranging from the '118 guys', Scary Clown, Scooby Doo, and 'Pink Ladies' 

This often led to random behaviour  - Aaron running around terrifying people dressed as Scary Clown, Me (Batgirl) and 'Wonderwoman' running around the huge indoor pavilion at stupid o'clock in the morning pretending to fly,  Aaron and one of my friends trying to win a teddy in one of those 'grab machines' whilst handcuffed to each other only to press the button and have to arm fall into the pile of teddies, then trying to complain to the manager whilst still handcuffed. Me and the girls going on stage for an actual game of Mallet's Mallet - remember that?    I could go on, but they just get worse!

The adult weekends were brilliant, we did different themed ones - School Disco, 80's and 70's and we have seen some brilliant (and random) acts over the years.  Boney M, Bananarama, Kid Creole, Five Star (well 3 of them!) Chas & Dave,  Doctor & Medics,  and *ahem* Timmy Mallet and Chicco.... both of whom I drunkenly ended up having my photo taken with, *hangs head in shame*.

We saw brilliant tribute groups too, 'The Jamn', Badness, Maddonna and Wham Duran. We danced until we dropped, drank our body weights in alcohol, ate burgers at 4am in the morning and laughed until our faces hurt!

I've had this post in mind for ages as I've been trying to think of a way to do it justice, but I can't. 15 days in total of Butlins madness can never be summed up in a blog post, and many stories (and lots of the photos) cannot be published on here! I may now be hundreds of miles away but I don't think I'd be very popular!

The last one was in 2007 and there were a record number of us, 22 I believe it was. We knew it was going to be the last one as many of the group were now 'coupled up' and the dynamic was changing a bit, in fact it was not long after that the first of the group started having babies! Since those photos above were taken there have been 10 babies born between us.... that's quite a scary thought!


  1. That sounds like a brilliant weekend! Just as the Disco/Party Weekends should be!
    I must admit the photo of the clown has terrified me, he does look quite scary! All of your costumes are brilliant.
    Thanks for linking this up to another Flashback Friday ;-) xx

  2. i remember this such a fab flashback :) - thanks for linking it up again lovely xx

  3. I would love to dress as a super hero! Chicco? Ok, but Timmy Mallett - nooo!

  4. wow what great memories and photos and stories you have from all those nights out!!! i have a LOT of similar ones myself from back in the day!! i must dig one out for next week - it means stories of my ex though!!!
    and you were wonder woman!!! jealous as i want to be her!!! brilliant flashback xx we would sooooo get on 

  5. Looks like a lot of fun!  The clown costume does look really scary!

  6. What a fun life you have! So important to keep the energy and fun in marriages and friendships! I envy that! :)

    Thanks for linking up again lovely...have a good weekend!


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