Dear Leonidas

Happy 'half birthday'!   You are 3 and half years old today!

It's been a very strange 6 months for you since you turned three. Daddy has been at work for the whole summer so it was just you and me at home but then in August your baby brother Louka arrived, you've adjusted very well to our family's new addition and most of the time you are a very good helper.

You were a bit bemused at first that Louka didn't do anything but now he's three months old you love to make him smile and show him how to play with his toys.  You don't seem to notice as much when he is 'making a racket' either!

In the last six months you started school, first at your 'little school'  in June and more recently to your 'Big school' in September.  We are so proud of how well you are getting on at your new school and glad you like it so much more than the little school,  You have lots of friends and although you usually 'don't know' what you have done all morning when I collect you you tell me you do lots of colouring, playing and building things.

You are doing so well with learning Greek and every week you are teaching me something new.  You are starting to read now which is really clever, and have moved on from asking 'Why' every five minutes to asking how everything is spelt instead.

Your favourite thing is still Thomas the Tank Engine and you are an expert on all things Thomas related!  Now you can build good tracks 'all by my own' but its' still more fun to build them with someone else.

You are really growing up, and are a lovely little boy - although it would be very nice if you would listen to us!  You often have selective hearing when it comes to asking you to do (or more importantly NOT do) things.  You know how to be very polite and kind but sometimes have a tendency to forget to talk in a 'proper voice' and ask nicely for things, you are getting better though ;)

Recently you've discovered our Playstation and we've been having fun playing together, it's lovely being able to share things like this now and I love your developing sense of humour!

2012 has been a big year for all of us, but overall you've been brilliant and adapted to all the changes very well. Now, onwards and upwards to the next 6 months!

Lots of love and squeezy cuddles....  Mama  xxx


  1. Awwww that's such a lovely post about your big boy. He looks so grown up and yet still so little at the same time in the photos (if that makes sense??) . I am so pleased he is enjoying school and making friends and fitting in better, must be such a relief for you and Aaron, and what a clever boy to be reading! And it looks like he is a lovely big brother too Awww the photo of him kissing Louka is soooo sweet.
    As you say here goes the build up,to him turning 4 (eeeeeeek!) xx


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