Tuesday, 12 June 2012

First day at school

Yesterday, after much debate about which Nursery school to choose Leo had his first taste of school!  After seeing the school and actually being shown around it unlike all the others I was quite happy at sending him.  I had been trying to prepare him as best I could and when we got up yesterday morning he was excited and raring to go.

He kept saying he was excited about going to school like his friends which was good but I was a little concerned he thought he would be going WITH his friends (they all go to different ones) I didn't want to point that out though in case I upset him before we even left.

When we arrived he walked in happily with me and Eleni, his teacher came out to great us, she bent straight down to his level with a happy 'Kalimera'  (Good Morning) and asked him his name.  Ever the friendly boy he replied 'Morning, My name is Leo, look at my new school bag, it's got Thomas on it'

She asked him if he wanted to come and meet the other kids and he said 'No, I want to play on the toys outside'  'Ok', she replied and went to take him at which point he clung to me and said 'Mummy come'.  I went with them and tried to get him to let go of my hand to go through a play tunnel but he was having none of it.

It was then all a bit sudden as Eleni turned him round and said Goodbye to me, I had planned to explain to him that I'd be back in a little while and say goodbye as I do when I leave him with my Mum, but by this point he'd already started crying so I knew it was too late - he would have clung to me and trying to say anything else to him would have made it worse so I made a swift exit to the sounds of him crying  'I need my Mummy'

An hour later as arranged I went back to collect him, he was sitting on the lap of another teacher who had the rest of his class sitting at her feet. He wasn't crying but his eyes were very red and he looked a bit subdued.  When he saw me he leapt of her lap and nearly knocked me over with the force of his cuddle!    That started him crying again and he said'  I missed you so much - I didn't know you were coming back and I cried'

We spent about 5 minutes there, and he showed me the toilets and told me how he'd used them. He then seemed quite happy and gave the teachers a cheery wave and said 'See you tomorrow'  In the car on the way home he told me how he hadn't played with the toys as they were scary because the slide was black, and he'd cried but the red lady (lady with the red top) had given him a cuddle.  Over the course of the day when he talked about it he seemed to forget he'd been crying and his account of the morning improved to the point where he seemed quite happy to go again today.

He was very pleased to be allowed to talk on the phone and ring Daddy in the afternoon to tell him all about it so I hope he properly enjoys it soon.


  1. oh goodness Emma it breaks your heart when they are crying and you are walking away doesnt it? hopefully he will be ok when he returns . i hope so (hugs) xx

  2. My daughter regularly cried when I left her but she settled down in the end. He sounds like a very bright boy. I always thought it was the less intelligent kids that just toddled in without a care in the world! And seeing them going into teens now, I was mostly right!

  3. Ahhhh it must've been hard leaving him when he was crying. It's lovely that he later didn't remember that and just concentrated on the positives.
    Hope he had a good day today xx

  4. The first day at school was really very memorable. I know myself I used to cry a lot while going to school the very first day. Wow, but was great I am going to school wearing colorful clothes with attractive bag and water bottle. I know all these because I have a video of my very first day to school. I cried a lot that day.


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