We are eagerly awaiting....

You may have noticed that Leo is a bit of a Thomas fanatic, this both amuses and slightly disturbs me but I think it may be catching! A friend of mine said recently that she hated Thomas and I was momentarily lost for words..... how can you hate the little blue engine!

Along with a selection of cups, books, clothes, games, DVDs, a Thomas scooter and of course a great set of wooden tracks and engines we have a new 'Thomas' love here in our house...

Some time ago I decided to show him the Thomas and Friends website, and it turns out he's just like his Mother when you stick a laptop in front of him, I think if left to decide when to turn it off he would be there for weeks on end!  For a while now we've looked at it occasionally to see the engines, which is about as much as I let him do with my reluctance to let him use the laptop.  He can now name every engine on there and there are more than 60, I'm not sure but I think he can read the names to a certain degree (either that or he has memorised the order of them) as he says the next one before it even appears on the screen.

This week I showed him how to use the mouse as he had noticed the games on the site and I felt a bit mean not letting him have a go!  In just a few days he has completely mastered it and is so funny to watch, we looked at the new section 'Blue Mountain Mystery' and his eyes grew wide with wonder (now I sound like Ringo Starr!) when he saw the new engines.

I'm slightly annoyed that I showed him so long before the new film is released as he is now desperate to find out more and we've got to wait until September - I don't think anything in his life has ever been this eagerly awaited, (the arrival of his baby brother has nothing on the release of this film!)  even I want to know what new engine Luke did that was so bad!   *note to self, must get out more*

Today we printed and coloured the new engines and they now have pride of place on his bedroom door - the classic comment afterwards though came when we looked at the site afterwards and he said 'Oh Mummy, why are they still there? We already printed them, we need to do it again!'

This is not a sponsored post in anyway- although how cool would that be!
(Yes, again I do realise I sound almost as bad as he is - and probably shouldn't admit that I've just spent 10 minutes moping over the Thomas Land website and thinking how amazing it would be to be able to go, especially as he is still talking about a little train we took him on for his birthday!) 


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