Toddlers and technology?

Unsurprisingly, given the fact that Aaron and I are often online, Leo is very interested in playing with our laptops these days. We use mine to look at 'the engines' on the Thomas and friends website and with Daddy he likes to type his name into Word.  He doesn't realise that he could also do this on mine yet! He's become very good at it in just a few days and goes around spelling his name to anyone who will listen.

It seems that many toddlers are already used to todays technology, (although that could be a slightly false impression I've gained as I read a lot of blogs and bloggers are naturally going to be fans of laptops, smartphones and cameras, so by default their children will want to be!)  and sometimes I feel a bit mean by not letting Leo loose with any of our gadgets.

It's not that I'm against toddlers using them, or that I think they are too young, it's just I don't trust a heavy handed 2 year old with my precious things.... I don't even let him hold my phone with the keypad locked! Just lately though I'm starting to feel a bit mean, especially since a friends toddler now even has his own photo blog :)   The thing is, if he drops my camera or messes up my laptop I will cry.... I cannot be without either of those things!

I'm working up to the idea of getting him started with a mouse on some of the age appropriate stuff online, there are some games on the Thomas site, which so far I've played while he watched as I don't generally use a mouse which makes it quite tricky, and I had a quick look at Cbeebies the other day and saw they had some too. My only reluctance is the fact that once he knows they are there he'll be wanting to do it all the time!

I think I see a birthday present idea forming for him..... he has a Leap Pad 'laptop' (but it's obviously not as desirable as Mummy's) maybe time to investigate 'kiddy proof cameras?

What do you think, should I loosen up and let him have a go?  Do you share your 'toys' with your children?


  1. Technolgy is second nature to kids these days. My daughter loves using our gadgets and I do encourage it but within reason. I let her use my laptop but only supervised. She likes typing, particularly names, and is great at using it to watch cartoons on You Tube and the Milkshake website. I do watch over her though as I do worry she'll accidentally delete something important.
    She also uses my cameras - supervised again - and it very good at using them. She takes great pictures in fact.
    We have an iTouch which is now hers and she uses that for games and watched videos and actually does stuff on it that I can't do.
    However, she's never allowed to touch or use my mobile phone. That would be too easy to mess up and break.

  2. I let Jamie, Ryan & Lewis on the laptop but not Steven, hes too young to understand what buttons not to press and after all it is one of my most prized possesions :P.  I do let him watch cartoons / films on it but with close supervision.
    I dont mind them taking photos, as long as the camera stays within my view (i think its quite nice seeing the world from their view).
    My phone....again, i'll let Ryan & Jamie on it but not Jamie or Steven cos I know they will end up deleting everything.
    We have enough consoles / pretend laptops / for them to use and be satisfied with although Lewis has his own phone & I pod now to keep him from asking to use mine :D

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  4. I haven't reached this issue with mine yet - he's only 15 months - but it is something I worry about. I'm grateful that technology was pretty non existant otherwise I might have spent a lot less time outside exploring. Really interested to see the responses you get and also what conclusion you come to.


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