Friday, 1 June 2012

Flashback Friday - A right Royal Knees up!

Ever since I can remember I've always been interested in the Royal family. At the age of 3 I attended a playgroup street party although I don't really remember it and it wasn't really until Prince Andrew married Sarah that I started to pay an interest. I used to really enjoy collecting all the newspaper cuttings about them and making them into a scrapbook!  Although I got over that childhood hobby I've still enjoyed reading about the Royals and watching all the big events on TV, last year I was very envious of those in the UK while William and Kate got married although we did get to see it here.

It seems like everyone in England has got Royal fever at the moment - although I do wonder if that's just am impression I'm getting online. I know many people are not at all interested but I love all the pomp and circumstance!

I'd love to arrange or go to a proper street party, although I bet that none of them will be quite like they were back in the day...

These were taken in 1953 at a street party in my Mum's road in North Woolwich to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

This photo shows my Mum, dressed as a Bride with her Mum (My Nan) behind her and her Grandad standing up in the middle of the picture. Her cousins are next to her and her Aunt Alice on the right hand side.  They all used to live in the same area, mostly in the same street.

I love how everyone would get together and chip in for a great day, I wish that sense of community still existed today.

This post is for my Flashback Friday, this week in honour of the Queen's Jubilee I'm opening the theme up a bit wider!

Celebration / Royal / London / Commemoration /  Anniversary / Bank holiday!

but feel free to just go with whatever takes your fancy if you have a memory you'd like to share! If you'd like to join in you can read all about it here. If you wish, grab the code for the badge to display on your post, the important part though is to come back and add your post to the linky, then visit some of the others for a lovely nostalgia fest!

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Next week the theme is  Young Love - it can be anything you from your first boyfriend, favourite cuddly toy or something you had a real passion for in your youth. Or even relating to other family members - did your Grandparents have a brilliant love story for example?

So get searching through the archives and see what you can come up with!

Also linked this week to 525,600 Minutes.


  1. My husband is not bothered at all, but I'm loving the way people are coming together in their communities. I'm putting up my bunting today!

  2. What amazing photos Emma - so much history in them., I got interested when Diana got engaged to Charles and I also had a scrapbook and I remember the Royal Wedding very well. X

  3. Larry @ Cakeblast1 June 2012 at 19:41

    Great pictures and post. I have never been super interested in the Royal Family, the street parties look like they were a lot of fun for everyone.

  4. What great photos! So much history. I would love a street party, but our street is not really like that!

  5. What a fantastic selection of photos! I wish we had street parties like that nowadays, people don't chat to each other anymore.

  6. I LOVE these photos.
    I'm gutted that society seems to have changed and that we don't have street parties like this anymore.
    Thanks again for linking me up. Nice to see more people joining in this week xx

  7. Amanda Cottingham4 June 2012 at 09:09

    I absolutely love these photographs. Great idea for a linky too :)
    The Ana Mum Diary x


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