Friday, 29 April 2011

Flashback Friday - Royal Wedding

Flicking through my Mum's old photo albums I came across the perfect photo for this weeks Flashback Friday...

Can you guess when this was?

As you can probably guess, this was taken on 29th July 1981 at a street party celebrating the marriage of  Charles and Di. I don't really remember much about the day as I was only 3 years old!

I think this may have been where my love of weddings started although it would have been 1986 when Prince Andrew married Sarah that really did it.  From then I brought every newspaper and cut out all the articles about them making I think 4 scrapbooks in the end!  After the wedding I still collected newspaper cutting but I was more of a Fergie fan than a Di fan to be honest - I think it may have been the fact I wanted red hair though!

If I could have done I would have loved to arranged or attended a street party today to celebrate William and Kate's wedding, many pubs here in Cyprus are showing it and celebrating in various ways but I have decided to stay at home and watch rather than chase Leo round a pub while trying to see it!


  1. A great choice for Flashback Friday. What a day it has been with so many beautiful tributes from all over the world in the blog sphere today that make one proud to be British today.

  2. Cute photo! I'm up at 5am, watching it right now :)

  3. Great post for today ! I collected newspaper cuttingsnfor Charles and Diana's wedding and was into it BIG time! I was older though than you were in 1981! I didn't see Fergie and Andrew get married and I am not sure why I didn't either. I watched the wedding today though - it was lovely. I hope you enjoyed watching it today aswell x

  4. Hopping over from Happy Homemaker UK! How cool that you were there, and have such a cute picture from it!


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