Monday, 21 May 2012

Painting & Playtime

Although it may seem that I am excelling myself at the moment with interesting things to do with Leo with the recent homemade alphabet book and pirate treasure game I'm still constantly racking my brains (well, searching the internet!) for more things to do. I never imagined a day with a toddler could be so long, after all I've had enough boring jobs in my life and I thought nothing could top them - I didn't realise that a day with a demanding toddler can be equally as hard but in different ways!

Ideally I try to do 'something interesting' as he puts it at least once a day, an 'interesting activity can last anything from 30 minutes to maybe an hour if it's a particularly good one, add that to some cleaning (he's likes to 'help') lunch, some reading, a bit of tv, maybe a trip to the shop or Grandparents and dinner then we make it through the day with minimal damage!

This week at a loss for an idea I got the paints out and gritted my teeth against the mess and we did this...

Considering he once hated to get messy he really enjoyed this.  I taped some big sheets of paper together watered down some paint and let him get on with it. We ended up with paint everywhere but we were outside so it was easy to clean up, and he enjoyed that just as much!

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