Thursday, 3 May 2012

Home made Alphabet book

Although I'm not naturally 'crafty' or imaginative I do like to try and come up with new ideas for fun activities to do with Leo, and ones that are in some way educational at the same time are even better!  I was confused recently when a friend of mine said how impressed she was at all the ideas I had, then I confessed that they are rarely my own and mostly 'borrowed' from other people's blog posts or Pinterest!

So I surprised myself the other week when I decided that Leo and I should make an 'Alphabet book'  Unless I saw this online and can't remember I think I might have actually came up with this idea myself!

Leo loves to read and knows his letters very well and I'd realised lately that he is starting to recognise words and read them even without a picture next to it. He will also happily spell out words when prompted.

So I gathered together a load of cute clip art, one picture for each letter of the alphabet and cut them all up.  Using a new exercise book I wrote out the alphabet, one letter on each page (upper and lower-case)  Then, with Leo we spread the pictures out and working our way through the book I asked him to find a picture which started with A. then B and so on. He stuck it on the relevant page and then I wrote the word spelling it out as I went next to the picture.

We did this over a few sessions, going for as long as he wanted until he got bored, the first time we made it all the way to 'N'.

As we come across new words we write them in the book (well, I write them and he has some plain paper to 'write' his own letters!)  On several different occasions now we've looked at some of his books to find new words to write in, and we've also listed all Thomas the tank engine and all his friends at Leo's request! Using a sheet of alphabet stickers he also decorated the cover of the book.

As my Greek improves I'd like to try and do a similar thing, although that may be by the time the next baby is old enough when I will be able to get Leo to help!


  1. A lovely activity, I used something similar with older children (when I taught in primary school) getting them to write in new and interesting words they came across when reading. They then used them as mini dictionaries for their own writing.

  2. What a fantastic idea Emma! Such fun t make and a great idea to add to it as Leo learns new words! Clever you xx

  3. MidlifeSinglemum3 May 2012 at 19:57

    We bought a sticker book in WH Smith that did very similar to this with stickers. How much better to make your own. Also, if you're using old magazines for the pictures the possibilities are endless instead of only what the sticker people have chosen for you.

  4. What a brilliant idea!
    I'm stealing this. Charles is obsessed with letters at the moment.

  5. Thank you for posting this by the way :-) xx

  6. That is a brilliant We are just going through the alphabet at the moment too. Has this been pinned yet?

  7. That is such a great idea! Noah is still quite behind on his letters so I think I will copy this idea. 

    Thanks for sharing on Family Frolics - I love your support and your posts! :)

  8. Fab idea I must try when my little girl is older x

  9. What a lovely idea!! Love it.
    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!Maggy & Alissa


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