Being cheerful again!

It's been a long time since I last joined in with Michelle's Reasons to be Cheerful as although I haven't been sitting around being miserable (well not all the time!) I just ran out of things to write about - there's only so many ways you can write the same thing!

It's been a long winter for us, Aaron lost his job last August, all the family has been ill at various points, it's been very cold, electricity prices are sky high so heating has been costing a fortune and we'd done nothing much for ages.  After the initial surprise of finding out I was pregnant I have been cheerful about that but it was also thing to worry about and give me nothing to wear!

However.... I'm back and newly cheerful, here's why....

1. Aaron. Has. Got. A. Job.   
After months of searching, emailing, calling, sending CV's, calling random numbers just to find out they only want to employ women who speak Russian or something etc he has finally got work. Not only that but it's a job he actually wanted! At the point where we were searching for anything no matter how low paid or stupid hours this makes it even more brilliant!

He will be working for Easy Riders Bike Hire in Agia Napa managing one of their shops. His ideal job really!  It's seasonal but they are looking for someone permanent to avoid rehiring every summer. The hours will be long - 6 days a week and 7 days in at least July and August but that's the same everywhere in the summer, but he will have the winter off... which will be lovely and relaxing for him with two kids around!

2. Pregnancy is going well so far, I'm now 21 weeks so over half way there already! I'm feeling definite kicks now and looking forward to my scan next week. 

3. The weather has changed, summer is almost here! Although it still rains occasionally, the temperature has risen, the heating hasn't been on for a couple of weeks and I'm no longer wearing 3 jumpers every day!  We had our first afternoon on the beach last week and it was gorgeous, Leo really enjoyed himself and it went much better than last years trips which bodes well. 

4. I've joined the team at Mums in helping out as Events Editor. I love the site and am pleased to be able to say I'm part of it.  Also on a similar note the local magazine I write for 'Daxi' is now having a seperate edition for the Larnaca area as well as this one and I will be featured in both each month. 

5. We've finally tackling the potty training stage which I have been putting off for ages now, the first few of days went much better than today's but we're powering through, hopefully he'll 'get it' very soon now!


  1. This is a lovely happy update. Really pleased that things are going well and that you are happy.
    Well done with the potty training. Fingers crossed it won't take too long xx

  2. We found out its a boy at the last scan (17 weeks - you get scanned at every appointment here in Cyprus) so just going to check they were right and it's 'still' a boy lol

  3. Good to have you back.  Lovely reasons particularly your writing role and of course the other half's job.  Glad pregancy is going well.  Don't stress about potty training.  I did it very badly but they get there in the end

  4. Ohh Events Editor sounds very cool and I can not believe you have reaced 21 weeks PG, time is going so quick.

    Lovely to have you back with #R2BC, have missed you.

    Mich x

  5. Wow, Great reasons to be cheerful! Good luck with the hubbys new job, potty training and the rest of your pregnancy! x

  6. Oooh! Yay on the upcoming scan. I'm 20 weeks and 4 days and just had my scan yesterday and found out we're having another boy. 

  7. Congratulations to your hubby on the job. I've had my hubby out of work before so I know how stressful it can be, so I'm really pleased he's managed to get a job he wanted and that it's permanent and full-time! Congrats on the pregnancy, I'm glad its going well. Goof luck with your scan, are you going to find out what it is?

  8. I just read your info too and I'll be 33 in June. My son was also born in 2009 (November 5) and as you already realized my 2nd is due in August (26th). We are pretty  much close in almost everything age-wise!

  9. Big congrats to the OH on his new job and congrats to you too in your new role as Events Editor! Pregnancy goes by so quick doesn't it. Are you going to find out the baby's sex at scan? xxx


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