Not 'Going Potty' - skipping that part!

A few weeks ago I posted about 'not' potty training I knew the time was approaching or maybe had approached ages ago and I chose to ignore it but I've been putting it off for ages now. It's not the first time I've put making a change off, last year there was 'the battle of the bottle'   - where I bored everyone silly for months about the struggles of getting Leo to ditch his baby bottles and I did the same with moving him from a cot to a bed. You'd think I'd know better by now and realise that I might as well just get on with it, and it's probably not going to be that bad!

On Sunday I had a lovely lie in while Aaron got up with Leo, when I got up we were unexpectedly in full potty training mode. Leo had asked for a new nappy minutes after getting one as he had done a wee, something he had never done before so Aaron asked him if he wanted to wear big boy pants instead and tell us if he wanted one.  He agreed and sat on the potty a couple of times to practise.

The problem was though that he is just too big for the potty, it's very hard to get him to sit exactly on it and have room to get the vital equipment pointing downwards! I had a small trainer seat to go on top of the toilet and after quite a lot of persuasion and the promise of a sticker he eventually agreed to try sitting on that instead.

I was instructed by him to take a photo of him on the toilet but I thought he'd probably not be impressed in later life if I put that online!

The day progressed well, at least with none of the arguments I would have expected from his previous reluctance to wearing pants. There were several accidents but 3 wees on the toilet by the end of the day. 

Yesterday was even better, 4 wees and a poop on the toilet and only one accident just before bed - that's my fault for saying 5 minutes before that we'd had none all day!

It's still not a fun experience and I realise part of the reason (or maybe most of it) I've put it off so long is that I'm too lazy, and very impatient!  The constant running to the bathroom for false alarms drives me nuts as does the constant 'Do you need a wee?, are you sure?  Shall we just try?' questions  but  'this too shall pass!'  and maybe next time I'll get on with all the changes without procrastinating about everything!

I'm pleased that we accidentally bypassed the potty stage completely as now we only have to lose the  trainer seat and we can use any toilet. Despite his initial fear of falling in the toilet I don't think it will be that long as after just a couple of days he's quite happy sitting on the 'Thomas seat' without us holding it and it wobbles and was scary to him at first.  


  1. Oh this story takes me back to when I was potty training my twin sons!  Great fun!  :-)

  2. I must admit although its not as bad as it could be I'm still hating it!  Glad I'm not doing it with two!

  3. Hurrah! Well done you three.

    We still use the trainer seat, their bottoms are ever so little! I suppose the next step for us is teaching him how to wee standing up. Noooo!


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