When the world was waiting

We recently told Leo that 'Mummy has a baby in her belly', he obviously had no idea what we were talking about and after looking interested for about 10 seconds promptly asked for his trains!   Since then it's been mentioned a bit more and although I'm sure he has no idea what it really means he talks about it of his own accord.

I've been trying to explain that he was once in my belly too - he nods and says he knows and he remembers being there, I get the feeling he is humouring me most of the time, I think Daddy must have told him to just 'smile and agree' most of the time!

A more effective way, I thought was to find a book to help explain. 'When the World Was Waiting for You' is a board book designed to help prepare children for the arrival of a sibling or learn about their own arrival.

Leo wasn't initially impressed with the book but I had made the mistake of giving him The Wide Mouthed Frog book first, and that must be more exciting when you are two!  Some time later though he picked it up and asked me to read it and then asked to hear it again straight away so it can't be all bad!

I think it's a lovely book  - it tells the story, in rhyme of how a family of rabbits were waiting for the new arrival.  It would make a lovely gift for a new Mum / baby and a lovely first story to read to baby.

For toddlers, especially train mad loud ones it's a little bit too cutesy - Leo has progressed to a new stage of books now but I can see him later on reading it to his little brother!

I received this book from Bloomsbury Publishing for the purpose of this review, the opinons are my own - and Leo's!


  1. Oh Em, you SO have to find a copy of 'Mummy Laid an Egg' by Babette Cole - Joseph & Hannah thought it was hilarious and made every passing adult read it to them, causing much squirming from the childless (if you read it you'll see what I mean), when I was expecting Adam. It went round their cousins when they had new additions on the way and came back again for my pregnancy with Jacob. 
    It may actually be one of my favourite books! :-)

  2. Glad you linked the little brother bit - I'd missed that post. Woohoo starting your own football team - only 9 more to go!

  3. Not a football fan myself so I think I'm done with two thanks! :)

  4. Just googled it, it looks great! I'll hope I randomly find a copy in the charity shop!


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