Friday, 9 March 2012

Boy or girl?

When I was pregnant with Leo we found out he was a boy at my 20 week scan (the 2nd and last scan you have in a 'normal' pregnancy) Many people told me I should wait as it would be a lovely surprise but I was so glad I found out.

This time there was going to be no debate about finding out or not, if for no other reason than practicality.

I had a scan this week and asked if we could see what it was, the doctor said she would tell me if she could but it was not always clear enough at 16 weeks.  As it happened, she started scanning and laughed - showing me the screen and saying I could probably work it out for myself.

Bubs was more than happy to waggle it all about!



  1. Yay!! Congratulations!!
    Having two boys is amazing. You'll love it.

    Those photos are fab xx

  2. Awww another boy yay!! Congratulations to you all. At least you csn recycle the clothes more now!! Great photos aswell - is that your bump?
    2 boys rule too ...... Obviously xxx

  3. Ah congratulations! Brothers! How lovely. Thx for sharing on loveallblogs xx

  4. Great news! A little baby brother for Leonidas!

  5. Congrats Emma! You have a lovely, tidy bump! Won't Leo be thrilled...a house full of boys! ;)

  6. Oh yay!! Congratulations x x x

  7. Congratulations, came over from rtfm because your title caught my eye because today I wrote about the probability of a second child being a boy!

    Congratulations again x

  8. Thank you... I'll head over and have a read x

  9. The certainly are - hubby wrote on the bump with Leo's bath crayons!

  10. Wahay! Are those pictures of you?

  11. Ah, I'm going to be so outnumbered! Will reap the benefits later though when Aaron wants to take them out to do 'boy stuff' :)


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