Reasons to be cheerful

After the ultimate Reason to be Cheerful in my post last week where I announced I was pregnant I thought it was going to be quite hard to follow it, I've been joining in with the link up lately but to be honest have been struggling a little to find reasons, this is the beauty of these posts though, they make you realise you can always find something but this week I actually am feeling cheerful, it seems the tea and sympathy from the other day helped!

Today I've been very busy and I've been in 'good wife/ mother AND daughter' mode and it's felt a bit more 'normal' to be doing stuff... not only that it's still only 2pm and I haven't even poked my hubby in the eye for not actually helping with any of those things :)    However I will now be going on strike for the rest of the day I think!

1. I went to get my blood tests done (all 7 of them!) and it was an unusually successful hospital trip. I was there at 7.30am and was out in under an hour, there is a ticket system in place for the blood tests and people were actually sticking to the order, in over two years in Cyprus I think this is the first time I've actually seen a queuing system work  :)

2. I drove my Mum to her Reiki appointment as my Dad is still recovering from the flu, and I gave my Dad some home-made tomato soup as he's been unable to eat properly for the last few days.

3. In between hopsital appointment and driving duties, I had a housework blitz and mopped, swept outside, did washing, and got everything to how it should be. I even remembered to defrost chicken for dinner!

4. I got Leo to eat a full lunch for the first time this week by cutting bread, ham and cheese into Christmas tree shapes - it was going to be Mickey Mouse shapes but he saw the tree cutter and was adamant he wanted that one,  that was not a battle I was going into - trees he wanted so trees he got and he ate the lot!

5. Yesterday I went to register Leo for school - another thing I'd been not looking forward to and the blog post I wrote about it resulted in some very helpful / supportive comments and emails. It's also inspired me to do some more language learning stuff with Leo and to get stuck into my own.

6. Last but not least, Michelle mentioned me in her own Reasons to be Cheerful post as one of her 'hidden gems'

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Ohh I love a good productive day, if only I was having one! lol

    Mich x

  2. Emma, can we do an 'Oliver Twist' and ask for more, your fresh tomato soup was delicious and Dad really enjoyed it.

  3. PS: congratulations on your pregnancy, hope it all goes well. Look after yourself x

  4. wow! I loved your post! my baby is ill at the moment, I am homebound and starting to go insane having to see her so upset, but then I read your post and I realised I should just count my blessing (she is amazing at night) and deal with the hard stuff (she is very cranky during the day), but hey, I've go the nights to be cheerful about! now, what time is it? ...

  5. great reasons to be cheerful! I always enjoy your R2BC posts ;-)

  6. Theramblingpages9 October 2012 at 20:30

    Congratulations on your pregnancy and how productive your day has been - if you've achieved all that before 2pm, dread to think how this post would read by 7pm!


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