Tea and sympathy please

I feel like I've been very quiet on my blog lately compared to recent months, this is partly due to trying to keep the fact I am pregnant quiet, and then on the day I blogged about it I came down with the cold/ flu bug that Aaron had over Christmas, I really felt rough, and this was not helped by the fact I couldn't have any decent medicine...... by the way did you know you can't get Lemsip (or equivalent) hot lemon sachets out here, it's tablets or nothing! Now Leo's taking his turn with a cough that's keeping him up most of the night, and reminding me how rubbish it is to have interrupted sleep, hmmm forgot how bad that was.

So today I'm linking up to 'Here Come the Girls' for the first time and joining in with her Tea and Sympathy link up.  I generally try to stick to talking about cheerful things on my blog, aware that I might accidentally go into a bit of a rant and scare everyone off but I'm liking the idea of a bit of tea and sympathy, although can we have cake too?

I'm really not a fan of January, last year I felt like I was waiting and this year I've just got the hump! I hate being cold and although the days are usually warm and sunny, as soon as you get indoors it's freezing,  I never realised how much I took central heating and carpets for granted! My winter wardrobe is very limited, and it getting worse as already my jeans are too tight to wear (to be fair they were fairly tight before!)  and I'm living in leggings which is getting  bit dull!

We are still waiting though, waiting for social insurance payments, waiting for doctors appointments, waiting for news on Aaron's car which had been off the road for over a year, and above all else waiting for a miracle   in which Aaron finds a job. 

I have what feels like the longest ever list of things in my head, and it seems that none of these can be easily fixed. I am plodding slowly from day to day with no plan of action but hopefully it's just a January thing and if I grit my teeth and go with it, things will work themselves out.

Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to register Leo for pre-primary school, although I have no idea what I'm doing and I'm not really looking forward to it..... 

Actually forget the tea and sympathy, can I have a large vodka and some cigarettes?  



  1. Lots of tea and sympathy for you. January is rubbish. :(

  2. Sorry no vodka and ciggies for you for a few months at least. good luck with pre-school registation, I'm doing it on the 22nd.

  3. i wondered where you had gone - i was worrying!!! i must have missed your post where you announced your news i saw it on fb though! how are you feeling apart from all the other worries?
    no vodka or ciggies but i could offer you a lovely hot chocolate with stream and a flake and marshmallows and a great big slice of cake? well you are eating for two now xx

  4. Oh poor you. I hope you feel better really soon x x x

  5. I'll put the kettle on and make you a cake.

  6. Vanja @ Emma's Lunch9 October 2012 at 20:30

    Hey sending good cheers your way. Hey if you need any help with the schools or anything else, let me know I'd be happy to help in any way I can.

  7. Thank you, I think I got him registered this morning but I'll probably email you later with a ton of questions :)

  8. I'm still here, was just sulking a little bit! It cheered me up to know I was missed though, Oh, and that hot chocolate sounds great.... assuming you meant cream though ;)

  9. Good luck with registering, do you know what you are doing or are you trying to figure it out as well?

  10. It feels like that sometimes, just waiting to get through time so something better will happen. I like to be positive in real life and try not to complain, for some reason I don't when I'm blogging, I don't know why. Anyway it's awful to be ill when you're pregnant though of course very exciting to be pregnant. Oh and of course the sleepless nights are not something to look forward to although they do seem to pass quicker second time around.

    Anyway thanks for linking up and hope you're feeling better. Love that your mum commented on making you cake, by the way, a woman after my own heart. Good to have you back on the blogging scene!


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