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As Mummy from the heart - Michelle is taking a well deserved blogging break she is once again letting me host her lovely 'Reasons to be Cheerful' (#R2BC) linky.   This is all well and good but means I've had to have a bit of a think to come up with some, after all a 'I'm miserable, if you're not please link up' kind of post would probably mean I wouldn't get to host again!

But, this is exactly the brilliance of the idea, #R2BC is all about taking time to stop and appreciate the good things and since this linky started back at the start of the year there have been several weeks I have joined in and realised that if you think about it, everything is not all bad and there is always something to be cheerful/ thankful for.

So, despite the fact that we are still looking for a job for Aaron, and our bank balance is rapidly decreasing, the fact that Leo seems to be under the impression that 5am is an acceptable time to start the day and the fact that  I cannot fit back into my winter wardrobe, I have decided on the following reasons to be cheerful...

1) Aaron is at home, he is getting to spend a whole lot more time with Leo than he ever has done and Leo is loving having his Daddy around.  It also means that it's a bit easier for me to get stuck into my new job and hopefully soon earn some money!

2) The fact that I cannot get into my jeans has spurred me onto lose the extra bit of weight I gained over the summer. Tomorrow I have a fitness assessment with a new local fitness centre and am starting some exercise classes. I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine (and my clothes!)

I tried to find a good side to all my reasons not to be cheerful but I'm struggling to find one in the 5am wake up calls!

However, in under 2 weeks one of my very good friends is coming to visit and I've only seen her once in the last two years so I'm already very excited about that..... not only is coming to see me, but she is coming with a suitcase of goodies for us which is even better!

So lovely people, I'm sure you can be cheerful if you try......  just write a post and add it too the linky below.  Next week #R2BC will be hosted by Kate on Thin Ice so make sure you pop over and have a look.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart


  1. Good luck with the exercise! Anyone that can find a positive in a 5am start is positively a saint!

  2. How about, because it means you get a special bit of time, just you and him, before the chaos of the day descends? No? Ok fair enough - there's no good side ;))

  3. How about thinking about what you can achieve with the extra time in the morning? I read somewhere that successful people on average get up earlier to give them time to achieve their goals.
    I must admit, I'm stretching my glass half full thinking a bit there....but it was all I could come up with!

  4. Hope Aaron gets a job soon and Leo starts sleeping for longer in the mornings.

  5. It's a good idea in theory, I just struggle to remember it at that time of day ;)

  6. I know, there is going to be a lot of tea needed for a year's worth of chatting!

  7. I'm aching all over but apart from that they were great, I'm going to be trying all different classes over the next few weeks as a review package so that's another reason to be cheerful (especially if they stop hurting!)

  8. It's a good idea, there just doesn't seem to be anything I can do at that time of day.... well at least not while I'm half asleep!

  9. You do come through the challenges and time that Daddy spends with children is always good even if the reasons for that time being available are less than ideal.  Good Luck in your new job and with your obvious commitment to losing weight.  It can be done.  8 weeks ago I thought I could do it and have lost over a stone since then.  If you want to do it and have the right  mindset, you will.  My positive spin on the 5am starts is that it means extra hours of movement which will burn more calories.  How's that?  Oh and ta for the reminder it's me next week - hoping I manage to do it this time as cocked up last time round.  Have a fab week.

  10. Good on you for exercise regime. Have a great time with your mate, its so cool to meet with friends from time to time.

  11. So how did the gym classes go?  Good girl, finding the positives.  Have a marvellous weekend!  Mich x


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