Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Listography - My Wedding

I've not joined in with Kate's Listography for a while but this week I absolutely had to. In tribute to the Royal Wedding this week she has asked what 5 things we would change about our wedding day.  Although I had an amazing wedding day and loved every second of it I have been saying for a few years now that I would love to go back and do it all again but change bits.

1. The dress, this is the main thing I would change. It was a lovely dress but I'd have a different style now and in some ways a lot less of it. It didn't occur to me to even try to lose some weight for the wedding and I'd love to get a wedding dress now being a size 12 rather than a size 20. I do feel a little envious when I see such lovely extravagant dresses and wish I could do it all again with something out of this world - bigger skirt, longer train etc!

2. The photos - you may have recently read how I would love to change my photos. I'd spend more as it is these that last forever. I'd have lovely reportage style pictures and make sure I wasn't sitting down in nearly every single one. I'd also get a photo with me and each of my bridesmaids on their own, the only one the photographer took is of the three of us together and this really bugs me!

3.The bridesmaids - not that I'd change the two I had, I'd just have more!  I was worried about it looking odd as it felt like a small room and I thought I'd be swamped by bridesmaids and it might look a bit too much. Now I'd have four!

4. I'd make sure all the most important guests could attend the whole day so we didn't lose anyone before the evening reception. Unfortunately the Best Man couldn't stay for the entire day and AJ was understandably very disappointed by that.

5. I'd remember to put my perfume on before leaving the house, and more importantly I'd remember to pack a hairbrush in my bag.  At 1am when we got to the room I realised as I was taking what seemed like a hundred hairgrips from my heavily hairsprayed 'do that I had no brush.  AJ had to go and buy a horrible plastic brush from reception that really wasn't up to the job, I can't believe how long it took me to brush it out!

I wouldn't change my groom though and that's the main thing!

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  1. How can your best man have had something more important to go to?!! Glad you're still happy with the groom though ;) x

  2. Your dress looked lovely :-) I agree you can never have too many photo's.

  3. David and I took ages deciding whether or not to have a photgrapher. We are having one now and I am so glad. Good idea to have individual pic with each maid, I am going to do that. We get married on 10th sep 2011 x

  4. The best man should stay until stumps I think...

    We had a good photographer (not that you can tell from the blurry pics on my blog) and even though I only look at the photos occasionally they are beautiful and the kids love them.

    Your list was very thoughtful - I liked it a lot.

  5. I know, (I've possibly just re-started a family row saying that but what the hell, as far as I know they don't read this, it's my blog and I'm a long way away from them lol)


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