Saturday, 2 April 2011

What memories are made of...

When you are planning your wedding there are so many things to think about, the dress the catering, the venue, the flowers... it goes on and on. But looking back the photos are the most long lasting thing of the big day (well, the Groom obviously but I'm talking about the actual wedding not the marriage!)

I had the most amazing time on my wedding day, I would like to say that I wouldn't change a thing and although your ideas change over the years and I would do a few things differently now I do look back at my photos and wish they were better. We had a family friend as our photographer and although it saved us a fortune with hindsight I'd rather have cut back on something else to get the gorgeous shots that so many people have.

I am lucky though that our photos were not terrible, and we do have some nice mementos of the day, for those who haven't though help is at hand....

Lorraine Deakins Photography has the answer - Wedding SOS (Save Our Shots) She explains all about it on her photography blog...
Collect all images you have from your day, you'll be surprised how many guests will have a memory card full of them, put them altogether and you'll probably have a good 200 images. I will edit all your shots and make them beautiful for you. Remove red eye, straighten, crop, colour correct etc etc etc I will love your snap shots as if they were my own and then put them in a beautiful Infinity coffee table album for you (after you've given me the nod of approval of course). Yes it won't be as good as having me there on the day but I'll put all my wedding photography passion into squeezing out a wedding album you can be proud of.

Although the photos from my wedding were ok they were never edited in any way, so Lorraine worked her magic on a small selection for me. 

Of course, the best thing to do is get great photos taken in the first place, or maybe I'll win the lottery, have another wedding and fly Lorraine out to Cyprus to photograph it.

Lorraine has a real passion for her work, especially weddings but she also does Boudoir shots, portraits -including children and animals among others. For more information, visit her website

(This is NOT a sponsored post, the views stated are my own)

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  1. A lovely idea, I have always liked the Wedding photo of you on your own, but it looks really good with the furniture removed from the background.


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