Wonderful Waterworld Fun

Nearly 8 years ago I visited Cyprus for the first time and as we approached Agia Napa I was greeted by the unmissable sight of Waterworld's high flumes as we drove down the highway. I'm such a big kid and I said I couldn't wait to go there!

Of course we had no time to visit during our property finding trips, and I knew I'd never get Aaron to visit a waterpark, but I knew that when we started living here that I would be able to go eventually, even if it meant going on my own!

It took a little longer for my first visit than I originally imagined, many reasons delayed me including small baby / lack of funds / babysitters.... yes I know it's a family day out but what is the point of paying all that money to sit at the edge of the wave pool or next to a baby asleep in a pushchair!

Last year I got my chance, I won a free ticket via the Waterworld facebook page, and announced I was going on my own, or with anyone else who wanted to join me - I was initially even going to leave Leo at home - such a bad mother!  It does sound mean but I had an inkling that he wouldn't want to do much and I knew I'd be unable to go on any of the big stuff!

In the end, good ol' Grandad (another big kid at heart)  joined us and we had a brilliant day at the end of the summer holidays, once Dad and I had eventually coaxed Leo into the play areas after announcing on arrival he no longer liked getting his face wet!

Leo had asked many times when we would go again, and when the park would open again.  I told him I would try my best to take him again this year but we would have to save up as it's not cheap. (€38 for an adult, €24 per child, plus you are not allowed to take in food and drinks so by the time you've had lunch, drinks, ice creams etc you're looking at best part of €100 for the day!)

I hadn't yet decided when we would go, but when I saw that my friends from Tempo Dance school (where I used to take the boys to Jingle Jangles music group) were going I thought it would be the perfect opportunity.   Not only did we benefit from the group discount but Leo's best friend from school would be there too. Also, it meant I had adult conversation, the chance for a rest and wouldn't be on my own with Leo - a win all round!

The big 'kids'
What a difference a year (and a brave friend) makes.... this year Leo charged straight into the water, not caring about the splashes from the fountains and waterfalls.  He played happily in the childrens area, standing under the buckets waiting for them to tip on him, and even going down the little slides.

He still didn't fancy trying the bigger rides but I had a go on a couple with his friend, much to his Mum's delight as it meant she didn't have to!   I'm still a bit of a big girl though and wouldn't think about trying the biggest 'thrill seekers' but the kids are a great excuse!

Our favourite, as last year was the lazy river,  although going on it with a wriggly six year old on your lap, shouting 'Faster Mum, get in front' means it's slightly less relaxing than it is maybe supposed to be!

I was impressed with Leo's stamina, our group was first into the park at 10am and Leo and I left just before 6pm,  we stopped for lunch but apart from our  many attempts to get them to sit down for five minutes and have a drink, they didn't stop all day long, preferring to grab water from us like mini marathon runners as they ran past. Leo did however fall fast asleep as soon as we got in the car!

Messing about on the river!


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