The one where it's just The Boy and Me

Last Friday was a school holiday here in Cyprus - the Three Saints of Education and the kids all got the day off, all execpt the nursery schools that is!

Knowing that Louka wouldn't really notice I decided to send him anyway as he is just starting to get into the routine and instead I'd take Leo out for the morning.

Quite often Leo needs a little persuasion when it comes to getting out of bed (on school days that is, not so much at the weekend!) so I asked him if he wanted to come in the car to take Louka to school, he was more than happy too and understood that it wasn't a good idea to dance around saying 'Leo's not at school today!'

As we always drop Louka first it was quite normal for him and the same routine as usual.  What Leo hadn't noticed however was the fact that I'd quietly put a bag with our wellies in the car.   He thought we were just going home again and only when I drove past the top of the road did he think something was different!

He rather helpfully pointed out that I had gone the wrong way and told me it wasn't the way home, I said it could be (there are several routes you could take but I always go the same way)  and then jut confused him until we were a few streets away!

I hadn't actually decided where we were going, and I was debating as we drove along. The sky was looking a bit unimpressive and I was starting to regret the idea but a little voice made me keep going. (In fact it was two little voices, one called Karin telling me to #embracehappy and one nick named TBAM telling me there is no such thing as bad weather)

We reached Cape Greko just after 8am  (yes schools start very early here!)  and parked on the winding hill down to one of my favourite beaches.  Rather than driving all the way to the bottom I thought it would now be possible to explore a little bit of the parts inaccessible for buggies or toddling two year olds.

Without intending to we headed to the beach, mainly in a vague hope that the toilets would be open!  (which surprisingly they were at the beach restaurant seemed like it was about to open too)

There was a lot of work going on by the restaurant, bigger and better plans for the summer I assume so we left them to it and I was reminded of my reluctance to go on beaches unless we're in swimwear and flip flops as Leo stood uncertainly at the edge of the sand with a questioning look at me.

Once assured it was indeed fine, especially as without Louka I could (hopefully) keep him out of the cold sea, he raced onto the sand and found himself a mountain.

With a rare bit of imagination he declared that there was a line of baddies at the top but I need not worry. Declaring himself a 'Changing Hero' he set off to defeat them all.

*I'm not sure if he made this up or watched it somewhere but for the slightly less informed among you, a Changing Hero is a super hero who can change into anything they say, so they can be a car, or a volcano or a dinosaur, or a tree. Although I'm not sure how being a tree would help much, but he usually has an answer for everything.

We spent just over an hour on the beach, which must be some sort of record for us,  we've not often managed longer when equipped with snacks, toys and towels!.

There was a little wave jumping and I was pleased that Leo managed not to get soaked.

There was also plenty of playing without me, which is something we work really hard at encouraging as Leo wants to be told exactly what to play with and what to do at all times, rather like I did as a child as opposed to Aaron who would amuse himself for hours making up games with whatever he could find.

After finding a stick Leo took to writing plans in the sand and this went on a while, with him drawing stick figures to represent us and what we were going to do.  I decided it would be a good way to surprise him with the next part of my plan...

The random squiggles were my drawings showing us, the sea, the rock were were next to and the long windy hill we were going to walk up, followed by the car and the road we would drive along to....  a great big M

There was much dancing and jumping about at this point when he realised that the M signified the good ol' Golden Arches and we were off to McDonalds, and not only that but the one with the play area!

We had a lovely morning, and a nice little chat in Mcdonalds whilst waiting for the play place to open. He said (with reference to Louka being 'the baby') "we've had a lovely morning, just the boy and Mummy haven't we"

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  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day just the two of you :) His imagination is great! If I was a superhero I'd turn into a tree too ;) #countrykids

  2. ALways great to spend one on one time with the kids. Regretably, I don't get the chance to do it in Cyrpus! Looks like you had a great time #CountryKids

  3. I love this post on so many levels - that you didn't just go home or grocery shopping but did something special with Leo, that it wasn't an expensive outing but free time at the beach and lunch, and that Leo felt it was grown up time. Just lovely.

  4. Awww that is just magic! See the fun you can have on the beach in Winter? It takes on a completely different play element and is so much fun. Well done for keeping on driving and managing to go there.

  5. What a great way to spend the day, It's fab that you got to have a day with just you and Louka. The beach in winter is a lovely way to spend the day and I can see by his face he was so happy he got to spend his day away from school with you on the beach. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  6. Awww a nice day! I think he is so happy that he is the star of the day! Looks like emjoyed this trip immensely! #countrykids

  7. What a great day out and just spending it together, having some special time with your boy is so very precious. Looks like you both had fun by a wintery beach. Nice photos

  8. I love the beach in Winter and glad you had such fun together.

  9. It was a treat for both of us actually, it's easy to forget how much Leo is going up when the little one takes up so much attention.

  10. So did I surprisingly! It was nice to spend some time just focusing on one.

  11. It was surprisingly enjoyable! and nice to spend time just focused on Leo for a change.

  12. It was, it's so easy to forget how much Leo has grown up when Louka takes so much time and energy to control!

  13. He does come out with some random ideas!


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