The Three Saints of Education

Well, they say you learn something new everyday and that's certainly true living in Cyprus!

Leo came home from school today having made this...

The Three Holy Hierarchs  / Τριών Ιεραρχών

His teacher did reiterate the writing with him as we went to leave and asked him if he understood but he did his usual 'smile and wave' thing  where he nods and says 'Nai'  (yes) even though I think he's just humouring them.   All the children were leaving with them and I didn't think much more of it, as they often come home with religious looking artwork.

He also brought a letter which with my limited knowledge and the help of Google translate I managed to gather was about the subjects they were covering this month.   (winter and water apparently!)   The end of the letter mentioned  the Τριών Ιεραρχών, the same as on his colouring.   I couldn't quite understand what it was saying other than they were something to do with letters!

As I had a Greek lesson tonight (brought forward from tomorrow although we didn't know why!)  I asked my teacher - her explanation...

Its the Three Saints Day, all schools are closed.  

Argh, I did not know that!   I was going for coffee with the girls tomorrow morning!

Needing to know more, and trying to get confirmation that the school would be shut I jumped first onto Facebook and within minutes had several responses confirming that they would indeed be closed, good ol' Facebook!

Then, because I'm too nosy and always want to know WHY everything happens I turned to my old favourite 'Wikipedia'  and Google.

Apparently the celebration of Τριών Ιεραρχών (The Three Holy Hierarchs)  is a school holiday in remembrance of the patron saints of education, St Basil the Great, St Gregory the Theologian and St John Chrysostom who were all Bishops in the early Christian Church.

In the eleventh century there was a dispute about who was the greatest until they appeared in a vision to the Bishop of Euchaita saying they were all equal before God. Since then a feast day commemorating the three was instituted.  It is also a celebration of the Greek letters in some places.

Information from here and Wikipedia 


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