Snow in Cyprus!

Does it snow in Cyprus?

You may be surprised to know that it does snow, every year but high in the mountains. You can ski from around December to February (and on a good day get to the beach for a sunbathe in the same day).   There are times when many mountain roads are closed to normal vehicles and it's a very popular day out for the novelty value of seeing the snow.

We took Leo up the Troodos mountains two years ago which was fun for a short while until he got cold and told us he never wanted to go there again!

So, snow in Cyprus is a regular event, and not surprising at all,  unless it reaches the coastal areas and then everyone goes a little bit crazy.

It always amuses me when it snows in the UK and everyone (as I would!)  runs to facebook and instagram to tell the world it is snowing, when in reality they could just look out their window.

The snow panic, the rush to buy bread and milk, the chaos on the roads and the schools closing left, right and centre.

But last week WE HAD SNOW!

Not sleet, but actual fluffy white snow coming down for more than a few seconds.  Of course I dived for my phone as did many of my friends judging by the videos that quickly appeared on facebook, and stood looking out the window in amazement!

EVERYONE was talking about the snow, I heard some schools were closed in other areas, it was a real big event!

Here's the proof...

See?  Look at that snow, it even settled, erm, a little bit, for a few minutes!

It's not my picture, it was taken by a friend but was the best one I could find to prove it happened, I was mad enough to stand outside, freezing trying to video it but it really doesn't show up very well!

So, it was a bit of a non event but it was a little bit exciting and both the boys were very pleased to tell me they had seen snow at school, and I've never seen my facebook feed full of so many comments about the weather,and of course all the photos and videos where you had to concentrate hard to see the snowflakes, but it didn't matter - everyone had to share the amazement!

Apart from the snow, we have had really bad weather, high winds and rain and there has been lots of damage around.  It remains cold, and it's horrible - Cyprus just isn't set up to cope with low temperatures and the houses are insanely difficult to heat.   Right now apart from the wind blowing it feels the same temperature (if not slightly warmer) outside, even though I have the heater on.

I am wearing a t-shirt, 2 jumpers, and cardigan and my outside coat whilst indoors, and I'm still not too warm!  My hands are so cold I can hardly type!

Oh well, only a few more weeks until it sorts itself out again, and in a few months time we can go back to talking about the heat!


  1. LOL, it sounds very similar to here. My secret weapon is too go to bed very very very early so I can snuggle under the covers. Recently I've been taking my laptop with me to catch up on Downton Abbey.

  2. That really made me laugh, love it! I do think you ought to take the boys up to the mountains again to see the snow.

  3. Oh wow snow!! Where I am from I have never experienced snow.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  4. You've had more snow than we have had in Hertfordshire- very jealous! xx


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