Snow in Cyprus

Since we have been in Cyprus we have talked about going to the mountains but it's one of those things we've never got round to. Although I'd love to go in summer to explore, and get a reprieve from the heat for a day or two, we thought it would be fun to take Leo in winter to experience snow.

I was surprised when I first found out that it actually snows in Cyprus, and even more amazed to realise that there is even a ski resort. The season is short as it only tends to snow between December and March, with February being the best month to ski. 

It's quite a drive (just over 2 hours) from where we live, especially once you've got 'small island syndrome' as we have after being here over 3 years. You get so used to driving such short journeys that anything over 30 minutes seems like a huge expedition, I'm sure Leo thought we were driving to the end of the earth!

I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to find much snow - I guess I just couldn't imagine there being any when it was over 20 degrees on our balcony, and Leo was really looking forward to it.  He was excited about wearing his big coat (He's only ever had a fleece jacket before) and his hat, scarf and gloves, he also insisted we needed a carrot for our snowman's nose.

There was no need to worry though, although we did seem to get almost to the top of the mountains! 

When we arrived it had just started to rain / sleet, I opened the car door and couldn't believe how cold it was, I've not been in temperatures like that for a long time!  It soon stopped though and the clouds cleared and our lovely blue sky we are used to appeared. 

Leo was a little unsure at first, holding tightly onto my hand as we walked the slushy road from the car to the wooded area we had stopped at, but once Aaron and I started making snowballs and running around making footprints he soon got into the spirit of things.   At one point he  threw a snowball at me which happened to catch me in the ear as I'd bent down, it made me jump, lose my balance and fall over into the snowman and I then ended up rolling down the hill much to Aaron and Leo's amusement!

After making the snowman we continued our walk and stopped for a picnic!  After an hour or so Leo was getting a bit cold / tired so we started to head back to the car, taking a short cut down a really steep hill!. He was still enjoying it, laughing, running and throwing snowballs but the last few steps I think he suddenly hit his 'cold limit', by the time we opened the car he said he was very very cold.   Once in the car I changed all his clothes and listened to his thoughts on snow..

He said he didn't like the snow, and when asked said he hadn't enjoyed it (He tends to forget that he was having the time of his life only 10 minutes before)  Then he said 'Thank you Mummy, Daddy for bringing me to touch the snow, but I don't like to come back on another day'    He agreed that he had had fun and it was interesting to have seen what it was like but decided that the beach is much nicer - 'Next time Mummy I want to go to the beach every time - I will make castles,instead of men' 

I was amused and pleased by his reaction as I was kind of expecting him not to want to leave, or to want to go again. I guess if he had not got too cold at the end that might have been the case.  The following day he was telling my Dad about it, and said 'it was fun, but too cold, I thought it would have been warm!'

Looks like it's a good job we live in Cyprus!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. I think he summed it up perfectly - I love the excitement when the snow starts to fall and looking at the pristine scenery but after a while the novelty wears off and it is hard to appreciate the snow when it is freezing cold. I write this as the snow is falling outside my window AGAIN!

  2. Coombe Mill - Fiona23 February 2013 at 12:56

    Great shots - it looks so clean, crisp and peaceful. It's so mild in Cornwall that we rarely have any snow! My children would love the chance to make a snowman and have snow ball fights, Leo is a lucky little boy to have the best of both seasons. Thanks for joining Country Kids.

  3. sabrina montagnoli23 February 2013 at 16:50

    We are yet to truly experience snow with my wee man. I agree I happen to prefer the beach as well :) I argue every time with hubby over the mountains or the sea!

  4. such lovely photos xx

  5. how funny that he prefers the beach and sand to snow! looks like a lovely trip to have made though and great for Leo to have experienced snow at last. i bet you had almost forgotten what it was like too x x

  6. I'm obviously a bit geographically challenged, but I was surprised to read that you can drive for 2 hours across Cyprus. It looks so small on the map. I need to look more closely.

  7. Wow, I can't believe these pictures were taken in Cyprus!

  8. It's so bizarre to see you playing in the snow after all your beach shots. Shame he has a negative memory of it though because it's so magical. And you think that's cold? It's been 0 or 1 degree for three days.

  9. Beautiful shots, love the tree shots.

    Visiting from Coombe Mill Country Kids

  10. I know, I was in UK for those days..... brrr!

  11. It is small, but not that small! It's about 3 hours across the widest part (us to Pafos)

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