Friday, 21 November 2014

Let's move to Cyprus - {Part One}

This month we will have lived in Cyprus 5 years, it's not that long in the scheme of things but it feels like a lifetime ago now that I was living in England and would have once dismissed the whole idea of moving here as just a ridiculous dream.

I've been blogging only slightly longer than the time I've lived here, having started the blog with the idea of recording the move. Back in the early days I posted short posts and I've often regretted not elaborating on how it all came about.  I'd only written 2 posts before we actually left the UK and then was left without internet for 3 months while CYTA attempted to locate our apartment on the map.

I'd never been to Cyprus before we thought about moving here, and I suppose that makes it a slightly strange thing to do. I touched on how it all came about in my very first blog post but I didn't consider myself a 'blogger' then and I don't feel like I really captured the story, so I thought I'd play catch up now...

There really was no build up to the decision at all, for me it literally all stemmed from a random question.

It was an ordinary evening back in 2007, Aaron and I were eating dinner, (on trays, on our laps, in front of the TV watching Top Gear to be precise) and with no prior related conversation turned to me and asked ' Do you want to move to Cyprus?'

I can remember it like it was yesterday, how I paused, lost for words, how I turned to him slowly, and the look I gave him as I replied ' Do I want to do what??'

'Move to Cyprus'  he replied, in the tone you might use to ask someone if they want to go to the pub, or have a cup of tea.

Me:  'Do.I.Want.To.Move.To.Cyprus?'
Him: 'Yes'
Me: *blank look* 'Cyprus?'
Him: 'Yes, do you want to move to Cyprus?'
Me; 'I've never even been to Cyprus!'
Him: 'Me neither'
Me:'Why would I want to move to Cyprus?'
Him: 'Why not?'

It turns out that I didn't have a good enough answer to that, because 5 years later, here we are!

I think my actual reply was all the following and something along the lines of 'because we can't / because we've never even been there / because people don't just move abroad like that'.

Aaron changed tack, the question became 'Why don't you want to move to Cyprus?'

This was much easier to answer, because I didn't want to leave my parents and my friends. That was the main reason, I threw a few extras in for good measure - we might regret it, it might be too hot, we might get ill, we might not be able to come home and I'm sure many other random things which popped into my head.

It turned out that Aaron had been speaking to my Dad who had thought about moving for many years but my Mum always said she didn't want to leave me.  As Aaron had once thought about moving to France (before we were married, and not with me) the idea of leaving the country was not new to him and he suggested that we all moved then neither me or Mum would be leaving the other!

I still thought he was crazy and I was adamant that it wasn't possible to just move, just like that for no apparent reason.  Surely everyone would be doing it if it was that easy?

After some discussion we established that 'Of course I wanted to move to Cyprus' (assuming I didn't hate it when I first went there!) I just couldn't see how it would be possible, not only from the logistics of it, but because we didn't even have the money to go on holiday to see what it was like!

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Part two coming soon.....


  1. I'm fascinated about why you chose Cyprus. You could have gone to Greece, Malta, Spain, Marbella, Portugal, Italy, France... Why Cyprus especially?

  2. Stuck a pin in a map! Well not quite but we may as well have really. It was more the case that my parents had spent a lot of time here and it was the only place they wanted to go to which was the thing that started the moving idea anyway. The fact that the language barrier was not so big as most of the others and the health system, school system etc was based on the UK one so familiar, plus driving on the left etc and the leftover 'Britishness' from the British being here so long.


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