Let's move to Cyprus {Part two}

The story of our move to Cyprus is like many things in our lives, fairly random, and it's taken me five years to get round to writing it down. I thought it was about time considering this was the reason I started a blog in the first place!

You can read part one here - Let's Move to Cyprus

The idea of moving was talked about more and more and it was starting to feel like was actually something we could do, although we were still yet to ever have set foot in the country.

It does seem ridiculous, especially as I knew nothing about Cyprus and could only imagine it to be somewhere between Greece and Turkey (in appearance, not just geographically!)  Which makes it more strange as I'd been to Turkey and didn't much like it, and I'd been to Greece (Corfu) and stayed in a cheap and nasty apartment on a teenage drinking holiday  so my idea of a combination of the two countries didn't fill me with confidence!

My Mum and Dad however had been to Cyprus many times and as I'd imagined them moving to Spain if they were going to go anywhere, I thought that Cyprus must have something for them to only be considering Cyprus as a destination.

Different reasons of varying importance were thrown about, in no particular order....  they drive on the left, you can function without learning Greek, the health and education system were similar to the UK, the climate,  the Mediterranean lifestyle, the fact it was different enough to know you weren't in England but similar enough to not be completely unfamiliar.

But of course we had no idea until we saw for ourselves, so we booked a 3 day property trip. Not an ideal way to decide your future but with no funds to book even a short trip independently it was that or nothing.

Going on information from Mum and Dad and their experience we decided to look at the east coast of the island, much to the confusion of every sales person we spoke to. The general opinion was Paphos was the ONLY place to move to because that's where the Brits were, and because it was 'open all year'.

We went to the 'Place in the Sun' Exhibition at the NEC and walked away from several companies who just were not listening to the fact we were not interested in Paphos, one which only dealt with Paphos properties which was fair enough, but many which were convinced we HAD to be going to Paphos if we were planning on living in Cyprus all year round.

I was bemused and irritated by this, I realised I was no Cyprus expert, and of course I realised that the summer season was busy and some things closed in the winter but how could EVERYTHING close?!  How did they imagine that the Cypriots live?

I couldn't believe how much they ran the area down, and one sales person even told us how she had just come back after spending several years in Cyprus because she hated it!  On further questioning it appeared it was too hot for her liking and there was too many things she missed about England - a fair point maybe, but one I'd have probably kept to myself if I was trying to sell property there!

We went on to hear again and again how there was nothing to do in winter, how ALL the restaurants and shops closed for the winter season and how Paphos had so much more to offer.

Having no desire to live in what has often been called 'little Britain' or to live in the heart of a tourist resort we decided to ignore them all and crack on with our intention to look east.

After picking a property company at random (one of the few who had actually listened to us), and looking at several websites in the name of 'research' we packed a bag and jetted off for a bizarre three days in the middle of August to look for a possible new home.

So, after our extensive preparations and endless research (that is watching endless episodes of 'Place in the Sun' and looking at a lot of random websites which were'n't a huge amount of help) and armed with an ever changing idea of what exactly we were looking for, combined with no actual money to buy a property we jumped on a plane to Cyprus.

It was the 14th August 2007, and we were soon to find out our first bit of last minute Cyprus information - the fact that the 15th August is one of the biggest holiday days in the country and everyone heads to the coast, turns out that our 'in-depth research' could have been better!


  1. This is hilarious. From so little background to being one of the most content expats I know. Just goes to show there are no set rules about moving country.

  2. We don't do rules, just make it up as we go along!

  3. Great blog! Love reading your posts about your family and Cyprus. Getting a bit homesick, originally from Nicosia, but a Texan for the past 30 years. Lovely photos as well. Thanks!


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