Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Gallery - Morning

I never used to consider myself a morning person, when I started work at 17 in my local Safeways I often used to have 6am starts and they killed me. My Dad worked shift work and was often coming home as I was leaving and was always annoying cheerful whilst I would mumble a reply and leave the house.

These days due to the incredible non-sleeping child, and the fact that his brother was not much better mornings start much much earlier than I would have once imagined.

After more than four years of very early starts and forced early nights as I cannot deal with being tired, the morning is not such a bad thing to me,  (the broken sleep preceding it is the bit I don't like!)

Many times I am rudely awoken and dragged out of bed by a screaming toddler - he has not once woken up happy in his 16 months, but for most of the year there is a sight that always cheers me up.

It's much harder to be annoyed at the early alarm call when you step onto the balcony and see this

When you time it just right, and in summer it's usually about 5:30am, the sunrise is glorious, and no matter how many I've seen (and it's a lot!) I can't help but reach for my camera.

It makes me stop and marvel at the fact I live here, that this is my home.

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