Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sleeping like a baby

I started this post way back in March when Louka was just 7 months old,  I'd started to say how he was yet to sleep through the night, how he woke up every couple of hours and how I wondered when he might start to sleep better.

Since then I've written this post so many times in my head in the middle of the night, but never got round to actually writing it, I thought surely by the time I get round to it he will have improved!

Leo was not a good sleeper, although as a small baby he was fine, predictable - bed at 7pm, bottle at 11pm and 3am and up between 5am and on a very good day near to 7am.  He dropped his 3am bottle sometime before 6 months and we continued with the 11pm for a while longer.

After 6 months (when we moved to Cyprus) he got worse waking 2 or 3 times a night but usually settling quite easily maybe with a little drink of water or a quick cuddle.

At about 18 months he got worse and after one night of waking every 20 minutes for no apparent reason AND for the first time not going down well at 7am we tried a light version of controlled crying - in two days he was fine.  He continued waking once or twice though right up until I was pregnant. (and therefore needing the toilet twice a night!)

So, I had high hopes for Louka, and often joked that 'no two kids are the same, so this one should sleep' during my pregnancy..... I was right, Louka is not the same - he's even worse!

As we live in a 2 bedroom apartment Louka has always slept in with us, the plan being to move him in with Leo once he started sleeping longer.

However at almost 15 months he is yet to sleep more than 3 hours at a time.

To begin with I was holding out for 6 months, hoping that would be a turning point but not only would he wake but he would sometimes take up to an hour to settle back to sleep.

Now at 14 months he wakes for milk at 11pm (I've tried water but he's having none of it, he will drink a bottle of half water/ half milk though). That's not too much of a problem but he will have already woken at 9pm (goes back to sleep after you put a hand on him to 'shush' him)   and then usually wakes at 1am and 3am.

He has started going back to sleep quicker these days but I'm still at a loss as to how to improve the situation.  I'm desperate to get him in with Leo as I'm fed up with creeping into bed hoping he won't wake and being scared to turn over in the night  so as not to disturb him.

I'm suffering with back pain, and have been since he was born and the constant picking him up is making it worse, Leo is unhappy about being on his own so it would solve that problem too although I don't know if it would start disturbing his sleep as well.

Add that to the problem of wear to sit to help him back to sleep, and change his nappy without my bed to do it on and I'm still reluctant to move him in there.

I know we've created some bad habits so far but not that much worse than we did with Leo - I just assumed that like his brother he would have grown out of them by now.

He always wakes in such a panic, screaming and thrashing about, even from his daytime naps, not once have I heard him wake up happy and chatty until you pick him up.

14 months, and I can't tell you how many times I've stood over that cot willing him to sleep, how I hear people talk about their younger babies sleeping well and I while I smile and say it's good, I'm thinking, how? why? That's just not fair!

Obviously we are doing something wrong as it doesn't look like he'll get better on his own, but at this rate we'll just be able to ask him what the problem is exactly and he'll tell us!

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  1. oh lovely i do sympathise Jenson up until a couple of weeks ago was waking up at least one in the night crying out for me or coming in and waking me up!!
    whe i was brestfeeding him and giving him his bedtime milk, my MIL (if i were married!) told me that maybe as he was eating he didnt need thst milk and he as wakking up because he was over full and had tummy ache. maybe try dropping the milk all together i mean bhe must be getting all the food and drink he needs now. he cant be hungry when he wakes up and ok he couod be hungry but most kids go through the nght without a drink. plus less drink in the night means no need to chnage his nappy!!!
    also just put him in with Leo i was worried about my two sleeping together but actually it helpd in some ways and although they do mess about somethimes , Burton is quite good at sleeping through when Jenson did wake up crying. or he would wake but go back to sleep quick enough
    i say drop the milk. move him into to Leo's room and see how you get on - it can be any worse really. it is hard i have developed bad habits with Jenson he wont sleep unless i am lay8ing on thr floor next to him!!!
    good luck x x x


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