Monday, 4 November 2013

Our very easy homemade Halloween treats

Trick or treating is not something that I imagine would go down well here in Cyprus but I arranged with a few of our neighbours that we would knock during our Halloween party. 

I looked for some party bags or something that I could give the children to collect their treats in but couldn't find any, so went straight to Pinterest for inspiration. 

The Craft Train came up trumps with these printable pumpkin baskets.

Very easy to make, even for me!
I printed the template onto orange paper and then stuck it to old cereal packets to make it a bit more robust.  Then it was just a case of cutting, folding and sticking as shown and adding a handle!

I also decided to get a bit creative when it came to the food thanks to pinterest and the ideas I'd been collecting...

Witches hats, which was fun to do with Leo even though it made one hell of a mess!

Nice and easy - all you need is melted chocolate, ice cream cones and digestive biscuits, plus some sweets to decorate. 

Dip the cone in the chocolate so it will stick to the biscuit and then drizzle the chocolate over the cone to cover - that's the messy bit!

Add sweets to decorate, we used smarties but anything will do!

We also made spooky cupcakes...

Using an idea from Emma's Lunch, I stuck a lollipop in each cake to create the base for the ghosts, then with circle of fondant icing and some black food colouring made the eyes. 

For the tombstones I simply wrote on a biscuit with black food colouring and pushed it into the cakes which I'd iced with green buttercream. 

Getting slightly carried away with my themed food, I also made 'eyeballs' and 'severed fingers'  which again were really simple to make...

The 'eyeballs' were halved hard boiled eggs, decorated with a little food colouring, and the 'severed fingers' were hot dogs with ketchup 'blood' and onion 'fingernails' 

For me half the enjoyment of a party is the planning and preparation beforehand so you can imagine how much fun I had doing that lot!

Roll on Christmas....

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  1. these are great Emma and the savoury gruesome food is quite repulsive to look at so you have done well there lol
    you would do well as a party planner and if we lived in the same town we would make a great ones together lol x


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