Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween Happenings in Cyprus

Halloween was never an event that we celebrated when I was younger but it seems in England it is getting bigger and bigger each year.  My first Halloween party (except one in my old local pub many years ago) was three years ago here in Cyprus, funny really as Cyprus doesn't 'do' Halloween.

Last year we didn't do anything, Leo didn't realise it was happening, Louka was young, and my friend Sam - (the 'Queen of Halloween' ) was pregnant and understandably not up for the chaos of a party.

This year we seem to have made up for it though!

Last week we went to Cyherbia for the first of our celebrations.

Then on Friday we had what turned out to be a brilliant party, from what was initially going to be a little afternoon themed get together!

As you may know, I don't like to pass up a good excuse for a party and I 'may' have got a little bit carried away with it all...

Halloween party decorations

I'd had the decorations for years but never had a chance to use them, Aaron helped me put them up and he said 'we may as well go to town and put loads up' - yep why not...

I'd decided to make cakes with Leo, and the I saw these fab witches hats so thought he might like to make those. The 'eyeballs' and the 'severed fingers' were a last minute addition...

Halloween treats and party food

We played a few games, the best being 'Dangling Doughnuts' - ring doughnuts hung on string which you have to try and eat without using your hands, it is surprisingly difficult and very very funny!

Dangling doughnuts Halloween game

And for the first time ever, and not only for the kids we went 'trick or treating'!

I'd never done it as a child, or even liked the idea of it as an adult (lived in a rather rubbish area and usually got teenagers in normal clothes asking for money rather than cute kids in costumes) but I thought the kids would really enjoy it as something different to do, and of course for the sweets!

We knocked on three doors in our apartment complex, which I'd pre-arranged with the neighbours beforehand and the kids collected their treats in their little pumpkin baskets, they loved it and it was certainly Leo's highlight of the afternoon.

Halloween in Cyprus

Trick or treat Cyprus

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