Thursday, 27 June 2013

An unusually quiet birthday celebration

Today is my lovely hubby's 40th birthday, for many years we have spoken about a big celebration in honour of this milestone and given our love of parties it always looked like it would be the biggest one so far. Unfortunately with his the seasonal nature of his work and no time off until November we soon realised that it would not be the case.

I've been racking my brains for weeks now about what I could do to make it special, what to buy him with our limited budget and few shopping options here.  I asked everyone for suggestions and scoured the internet but inspiration didn't strike me.

I fancied the idea of a personalized gift and went to many websites, unsure of what that gift should be but eventually gave up trying to find one that would deliver to Cyprus without costing the earth.  At the last minute I decided to do it myself.

A photo frame, family photo and a carefully chosen film quote and this is the result....

300 Spartan film quote
Can you name the film?

When I was searching for the quotes I found several that I thought I could work with so couldn't resist  doing a couple more just for fun.   If you didn't get the film from the first one you should from these....

300   an honour to live by your side

This one just amused me....

and if you hadn't got it already...

Leonidas - This is Sparta

In case you were wondering, Aaron is a big fan of the film '300'  and where he got the name 'Leonidas' from.  One idea he had had for his birthday celebration was a 'Spartan' themed night out, hence the themed photos for him.


  1. Happy belated birthday to the hubster, the photo's are great xx

  2. I love the top photo and quote, it's absolutely beautiful and so completely appropriate. Hope he had a great birthday and enjoys the presents and party.


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