Tuesday, 4 May 2010

That which we call a rose......

Oooh, what a big decision, what to name your baby! So many things to think about.... what do you like, what does the hubby think? Do you both agree!, does it go with your surname, what can it be shortened to, what will it sound like on an adult! I'm not brilliant with decisions at the best of times, you know, what shall I have for dinner, what do I want to wear today!

One day before I was even pregnant AJ annouced that if he had a son he'd like to call him Leonidas, I believe I wasn't too impressed at the time! He had just watched the film "300" with Gerard Butler and not only that had always been a fan of Greek Mythology and suchlike.
I thought no more of it really as it was not a revlevant converstaion being that we had no baby on the way

The conversation obviously came up again once we found out we were having a boy..... and after MUCH debate we did decide on Leonidas. It grew on me so much but I was still worried about having an "unusual" name. I was more than happy with Leo, it just took me weeks to decide between Leonidas, Leo Leon etc...

Randomly a deciding factor for me was at a friends baby's christening, there were bowls of "Leonidas" chocolates on the tables and I got really excited when I saw the name, at that point I realised that if I went with Leo and the name came up later, and living in Cyprus it surely would I would be really disappointed.

His middle name is Arthur, that was also the result of a debate, but a much smaller one! Arthur is the name of AJ's Poppa who he was really close to, and unfortunately I never got to meet.

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