The Many Faces of Leo - an update

Two years ago I published a blog post 'The many faces of Leo' where I had a series of photos of him pulling different faces for me, so when I saw this weeks Gallery theme was expressions it was the first thing that came to mind.

I showed him the original photos and the blog post and explained that I wanted to write a new one and he was very happy to oblige, although he had to choose the faces he made this time!


  1. All the best expressions so well captured. Popping over from The Gallery

  2. Aww, lovely expressions! I'm impressed, it's not easy to do them on demand!

  3. Fantastic faces. Great Gallery post!

  4. lol great pictures and fab faces x

  5. The first one is so nice where he puts his hands on his face. Great collection of expressions!

  6. Lous lake Views24 April 2013 at 23:44

    Aww what an expressive face, he's quite the actor!

  7. Love the head down sulk - my little man does that! X


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