The many faces of Leo

Let me introduce you to the many faces of Leo...

Leo is entering a new and amusing stage in which he is becoming very entertaining to watch.  He's speech amazes me daily, the things he remembers and repeats, and the random funny things he regularly comes out with.

His latest thing is to make his 'sad face' and come up really close pointing to his face,  you then have to give him a cuddle as he is sad and you have 'need make Leo happy now'  You give him a really big cuddle and he thinks for a moment and pulls the sad face again... meaning he has to have another cuddle.  The cuddles generally get bigger and more 'squeezy' and eventually he will be trying to do his sad face but is laughing his head off!

If you ask him to 'do' different faces he is happy to oblige and he loved his little photo shoot to capture them all.

He is loving the Mr Men books at the moment of which he has four, he spends just as long looking at the pictures on the back of all the characters as he does actually reading the books.  He often declares which 'Mr' he is at any given point, usually 'Mr Bump' or 'Mr Chatterbox'. I often tell him he is being 'Mr Noisy' but he normally disagrees!


  1. Hee hee they are great faces Leo! Burton has always pulled funny faces - he knows it makes us laugh so he does it even more now! Leo looks very grown up there and very handsome xx


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