Friday, 15 March 2013

Simple Sand Dough

A while ago I saw this great alternative play dough over on MumCentral.  It looked easy enough to make and even better a nice cheap activity! We collected some sand on our recent beach trip and we had the other ingredients in the cupboard already.
You need:
3 cups of sand
3/4 cup water
2 cups of flour (I found we needed more at the end as it was a bit too sticky)
1/2 tablespoon white glue

How to make it -

Mix the flour and water to form a sticky dough,

Add the sand gradually, ( at this point I gave up trying to mix it and just tipped it all out and kneaded it together.  I then realised it might have been better to make it outside as I covered my kitchen in sand!)

Mix in the glue (I made a dip in the dough and just kneaded it through)  and knead until the dough becomes the texture of rough feeling playdough.

Leo loved the playdough and spent much longer playing with it than he has with any other playdough before, not only that but he was quite happy playing with it on his own for the first time.   Maybe because I let him choose toys to play with in it rather than giving him a rolling pin and cutters, maybe because he was outside, who knows!

Update - we played with the dough for three days in a row, with me just needing to add a little more flour each day as it went a bit sticky overnight.   We then left it in a tupperware box for several days before opening it again today and it had expanded, pushed the lid off slightly, went rock hard where it was exposed to the air and smelt awful! But I'd still say it was worth it for the time we spent together making it and then playing!

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