Thursday, 6 September 2012

Interview with a 3 year old - Video Update!

Just after Leo's birthday I decided to 'interview' him. I also passed the idea onto my blogging friends who then actually came up with the better idea of videoing the boys as they answered. After watching  Burton,  Charles and The Boy's videos, I couldn't resist doing it myself.  As I expected, some of the answers changed, and some were just quite random.... the best being 'What is your favourite thing to wear?'


  1. He's ever so cute. Love that coats are his favourite bit of clothing; you live in a place where you never need them! I also love that you're his best friend.

    Yay for video interviews.

  2. I videoed DD for a vlog on the blog last week - I found it extraordinarily difficult to get her to say on camera what she'd been saying all afternoon without the camera on. I did about 10 takes! Leo is very articulate for a 3yo ans especially as he has nursery in Greek.

  3. Tallulah@BilingualBabes7 September 2012 at 11:27

    Wow, it looks so hot! Hilarious answer re coats and so sweet that you are his best friend :-) What a gorgeous video to treasure.

  4. Firstly Emma you sound very 'London' its funny when you hear people speak as you try to imagine how they might sound!
    Leo is so cute. I laughed when he answered coat as his favourite item of clothing and so sweet when he said that you are his best friend. Xx


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