Second baby essentials

I think there's a huge difference in shopping for your 2nd baby compared to your first, first time round everyone gives you advice but you smile and nod and then go ahead and ignore them all.  Moses basket - yep need that, hugely expensive impractical pushchair/travel system, yep get one of those. Nappy disposal system..... need I say more!

Although on the other hand you might find you had to economise a lot on your first so 2nd time round you might decide to splash out the things you couldn't afford first time, especially if you have kept some things from the first  - a good idea in theory if you didn't sell your cot the weekend before you fell pregnant!

As we are in no position to be splashing out on anything if we can possibly help it I've been giving some thought to what we need, I know it's early but I figure if we start looking we can find as much as possible 2nd hand.  I'm not into superstition - if anything goes wrong it will not be because we brought a cot, what will be will be.

My list so far....

Cot / pushchair / Car seat -  Probably the most important. Got the best bargains ever the other week  though so that's the most important things off the list.

We could just resort to baby in a suitcase again!

Sling/ carrier - Although we never used one with Leo, I'd love to try one with the new baby. Now Leo is out of the buggy I think it will be useful, especially as so many paths are not pushchair friendly here!  They just concern me as I am prone to backache and if this baby is as big as Leo was I'm not sure it will be worth the money.

Nappies -  After reading a few reviews I'm actually considering getting re-usable nappies this time round. Disposable's are really expensive here in Cyprus and at least in summer cloth ones would dry quickly.

Steriliser / bottles - I loved my Tommee Tippee ones last time round so unless I find some huge bargains I'll be going for these again methinks.

Cot bedding - I'm not fussed about all he matching stuff and I really don't see the point of cot bumpers so just going to need some sheets. I used gro-bags for Leo which were brilliant. I've still got 2 blankets from Leo - about the only thing I kept!

Baby bouncer - I wish I'd kept Leo's as it was lovely and we used it so much. It only cost me £10 brand new, it was from the Baby Show though and I have no idea which company it was from! So I'll be looking out on the second hand sites.

Changing bag - I won one of these recently thanks to 'Mummy from the Heart' Michelle so that's another item of the list!

Clothes -  although this baby is going to be born in August, in Cyprus so I don't think it will be wearing a lot! I'm thinking vests, babygrows, although I'm sure I'm going to be having some arguments with the nurses in the hospital who insist on wrapping up babies like they are going to freeze.   ( I was once told off as I was going to carry a 14 month old Leo from the hospital to the car, which was just outside in just a vest without a blanket wrapped round him.... it was 40 odd degrees at the time!!!!)

I've been racking my brain, but I can't think of much else, other than random toiletries and muslin cloths!

I'd love to hear your recommendations on what products you have tried, especially in regards to nappies and slings. Have I forgotten anything important off the list?  What were your essential items or your worst buys?


  1. A Moby Wrap is great for carrying baby if you are prone to a bad back. I found it useful with both boys and didn't feel any strain on my back at all.
    We bought a double buggy second hand, well third hand I think, for £40 and have hardly used it. I'm glad we didn't spend more than that. I'd never buy a twin buggy and would only get a tandem.
    I just found the playmat, bouncer and door bouncer to be the best buys for us. A swing was good in the early days as Harry would sleep in it but we didn't really use it as much as I'd hoped xx

  2. That's a lovely offer, postage shouldn't be too bad. My Mum often used to send me stuff like that over for Leo. It might be worth (a bit later on!) weighing it and seeing what it comes to, I have a neighbour from UK who comes out quite often so if its a big difference she could bring it :)

  3. i use the baba sling.....fantastic and saves all the backache and can be used as a hip seat when they get older......... reusable nappies - i use the onelife ones and again found them fantastic (need changing a little more frequently than normal disposables but so much better, although i tend to use a disosable on the night time now shes older and pees a lot more) xx

  4. I don't know if you remember but I used re-usable nappies for Joseph, Hannah and Adam and got on really well with them. They seem like they're going to be a lot of work initially but are way easier than I thought they'd be. 
    We had a small plastic dustbin with a twist-lock lid made up with water and Napisan that stood by the washing machine and when you change the nappy you put it in. Initially you need to do a wash a day when they're going through loads of nappies but as they get bigger you can wash every 2 days as you flush away the liner with 'solid waste' in.
    If you let the nappies dry in direct sunlight (easier for you than it was for me!) any remaining discolouration is bleached out and apparently sunlight has antibacterial properties (which is why hospital sheets always used to be dried in sunlight).
    I wasn't as zealous about it as some people I knew and if we went out for a day trip or weekend where it would be impractical/unpleasant to have to carry dirty nappies around I would use a disposable, but other than that it was reusables all the way.
    The money you save over a baby's nappy wearing life is huge and I always had a slightly warm smug feeling every time I thought about all the nappies I WASN'T sending to landfill. 
    And of course there is the added bonus that the child tends to want to potty train a little earlier (mine were all around 26 months) as cloth nappies actually feel wet and so they are more keen to get them off!
    Good luck, hope you like them as much as I did :-)


  5. frontline_parenting9 October 2012 at 20:32

    The only thing we bought new for our second child was a few clothes, and a buggy board for the 3yo. I'm a big believer in only buying the bare essentials and re-using what you can from first time round. Babies don't care if something is second-hand, as long as they are safe and warm. I think that the way that some new baby products are marketed as essential to nervous first-time parents is absolutely shocking. Nice post, and all the best with the new little bundle.

  6. Ha, I like the baby shower advice... I believe my lovely gorgeous kind friend Sam may be throwing a baby shower for me as she is so nice :) and I'll make sure you get an invite!

    Thank you for the loan of your steriliser, that will be a big help too xx

  7. hi Emma i think muslin sheets are an essential item but obviously you could make some from sheets or pillow cases or even tea towels. i have no ides of the posting and packaging costs or how you feel about hardly used vets and babygros/sleepsuits but i have a lot of white ones from Jenson which i bought new for him so if you had a girl they could still be used. if you wanted some you are welcome to have them as i have bagged them all up? if you had a boy i have clothes aswell. 
    shame you don't live in this country as have a swing chair too!
    nice post - it is true what you say how things are drummed into you with your first child!!  xx

  8. almost forgot, whatever you do, do NOT get a diaper pail! 

  9. I think the most important thing is a baby shower!! :P  If you do one, make sure I'm invited! :D  Also, I've got an Avent sterilizer that I used like 3 times with Emma, haven't touched it with Lia.... So if you're interested its yours to use for as long as you need it. :)  The sling is completely necessary. I can't live without my ring sling!  And it will be great for you because timing wise it wont be too hot when you use it.  I just couldn't use it when they were really small. But as soon as they could hold their heads, they lived in the sling.

  10. I like the idea of early potty training!

  11. Actually Em, I've been looking through some stuff I've cleared out of the loft and I've found a gro-bag, some cot blankets and, funnily enough, a bag of 3 year old boys clothes! Do you want me to send it all over? I may actually have a cot bumper too but I'm not 100% on that.

  12. Controversially disagreeing with Vanja, I've found a diaper pail well worth while. We live in an apartment so can't just pop outside to put the diapers in the bin. The pail has been super useful. I couldn't have done without my breast feeding pillow - it's been by far the most useful thing for me.

  13. Love the pic! I used the KariMe sling a lot with my second when she was small. It's a wrap sling but once you get used to the tie I found it much more secure and comfy on my back than the babybjorn/clip on type slings. You might be best off trying something like a Calin Bleu gauze wrap though as it'll be hot when your little one is born. Slings were definitely the most valuable item I had when I had my second, she lived in slings so I could still do everything with my older boy. Lifesaver!


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