Who doesn't love a bargain!

I have to say that since living in Cyprus I really do miss shopping, this is a little bit of a surprise to me as I was under the impression that I hated it!   Although I wasn't a fan of clothes / shoes shopping (I had no patience in finding things to fit and I don't 'do' heels which takes the fun out of shopping for shoes) it's nice to have to the option and I used to spend many an hour (pre- baby) wandering up and down the high street in the good ol'favourites, Wilkinsons, Asda, Primark, being the three I miss the most!

It's probably the thing I miss the most (friends not being a 'thing') and one of the biggest topics of conversation between my friend Sam and I!  Buying stuff is just so expensive or hard to find here.... not just the clothes but the little things, Craft stuff - stickers, paint, crayons. Baby stuff..... 10 euro for one plain babygrow in Carrefour!  I could go on.

Luckily not long after we arrived I was introduced to the wonders of the Thrift shop, a small building with a tin roof up on the army base. This little bit of occasional bargain wonderland is only open 3 times a week for a few hours each time but we'd be lost without it!  Not only can you find a bargain, but you can take your unwanted items up for them to be sold, they keep a percentage and the rest goes into your account so sometimes not only do you find a bargain but you leave with more money than you arrived with! I've lost count of the great finds I've had from there - I got a Early Learning Centre play garage for Leo, 60euro in the shop, 10 from the thrift and most of the toys he currently owns!

There are several forums and groups on facebook selling second hand stuff, and this week we've been on a bit of a roll with our bargain hunting......  I know it's very early to be buying baby stuff but this stuff doesn't hang around.

First up - a lovely Mama's and Papa's cot and wardrobe for 50 euro. Only 10 euro more than we sold Leo's cot for back in November and in a much better condition!

2nd - a Graco Tour deluxe pushchair and carrycot  in brilliant condition just slightly sun faded apparently, not that I found it was very noticeable. The following day I then found the matching group 0 car seat for sale by someone else which attaches so a complete travel system for just 50 euro.

And they say that things come in threes...  today we found a moses basket with stand and bedding for 5 euro. I wasn't planning on getting a moses basket this time round as Leo was in his for only 6 weeks but at that price it was rude not to!

It's not just me out bargain hunting, everyone's at it these days, Emma at Me, the Man & The Baby and Me and My Shadow are bargain hunting and blogging too.

Me and My Shadow


  1. i do miss the thrift shop

  2. Ah, but you have Asda, and Primark, and Tesco and Wilkinsons.... I'll stop now!  :)

  3. Elena Pissaridou23 October 2012 at 16:55

    Did u try Jumbo stores? http://www.jumbo.gr/en/stores-premises-stores-network

    You will find a selection of pretty much everything u need, from clothes for your kids to arts and crafts, to decorating items for the home. Everything comes much cheaper than any supermarket like Carrefour.
    Personally if I wont something cheap that I won't care if it will last long I go to Jumbo. (I'll be in there for almost 2 hours browsing everything)
    Tip: Don't take the kids if you need your peace and quiet :)


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