Reasons to be cheerful - Pregnancy edition!

Reasons to be Cheerful for this week?

I had my 12 week scan this week (they re-dated and I am 13 weeks pregnant!)  I can't believe the difference from the scan I had at 9 weeks!   Having had only 2 scans whilst pregnant with Leo at 12 and 20 weeks it's quite strange for me to have had 4 already!  The first was a private scan that we paid for as I couldn't get a hospital appointment for several weeks but the rest were just given as standard at my appointments.  - Another difference as in the UK my first appointment was at 9 weeks and not a lot happened at that one!

Although I was very nervous about my hospital appointments and even more so about actually giving birth in Cyprus so far it's turning out really well. My Gynaecologist , it turns out is my neighbour and she is lovely and speaks perfect English and I should now be having the rest of my appointments with her rather than the male doctor I did not get on as well with which is a big relief. 

Also, in a huge stroke of luck I have found a lovely lady called Claire who is training to become a Doula and Child birth educator, in order to complete her training she must attend a minimum of two births and she has offered her services to me in the run up and during mine.   I met her last week and was really pleased to find out we get on very well.   Whilst pregnant with Leo I heard of Doula's and thought it was a lovely idea but didn't ever think about hiring my own so I am really excited about finding out more.   

I'll be reading up about Doula's and sharing some information with you soon, but for now you can visit Claire's facebook page - 'My Birth - Doula Service - Cyprus.  


  1. Broody, already? Think you need a little rest first :)

  2. Congratulations! Glad all is going well x

  3. Yay! Congratulations! Lovely scan photo too :D

  4. Gorgeous pic, is it too early for me to have another one already? You're making me broody! What a stroke of luck your neighbour will be your doctor and you found a doula - think it'll have to be cyprus next for me, much more straight forward than spain!

  5. It is really time to be cheerful and you need to be careful also during these days and will be better to wear maternity wear.

  6. The loveliest reasons like something out of a wonderful novel too.

  7. a lovely read and congratulations xxx

  8. Good luck! A friend of mine had a doula and raved about it. Hope you find one you like.


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