Life is a Journey - Old School Portrait

Continuing with playing catch up on the 'Life is a Journey' prompts from Save Every Step, the next prompt is Old School Portrait.

The official school photo was always taken around by birthday, in fact in some of the early photos from Primary school you can see my 'birthday badge' -  you got one if your birthday fell on a school day.  Looking back at my school photos, some are obviously better than others, the early ones are cute and the last one is not too bad but there are some in the middle which are not so good!

I even voluntarily printed these pictures to put on the wall at my 25th 'School disco' party!

I've recently got all my childhood photos in digital form as my Mum has scanned them all in, I've spent ages now (although not as long as she did!) backing them all up and storing them online, I'm very excited now about having easy access to them all and having a play around with editing and collage making (my new favourite obsession in case you hadn't noticed!)

 I'm pleased we have such a great record of things for Leo and future generations to look over as they grow up thanks to my Mum who has spent so much time compiling it all.   Not only has she hundreds of photos (all dated) but she has completed a mammoth task in making books for each family member going back generations consisting of photos, documents and stories.

Like me, Leo already loves looking at photos he will sit for ages next to me as I show him them on my laptop telling who everyone is, or where it was taken, one of his favourite things is a small photo album of pictures of me as a baby which my Mum had given to my Grandad at the time so I'm sure in later life he will appreciate the rest of it.

If you are also a fan of family memories, don't forget to pop back on Friday and link up to Flashback Friday, you can read all about it here - Flashback Friday returns.


  1. Looking back over photos brings many happy memories, just wished more photos were taken in my early years, like the amounts taken these days in the age of technology.

  2. Theramblingpages9 October 2012 at 20:32

    Photos are a huge part of my life but I would never volunatirly post any of me at school!! I cringe every time I come down the stairs at my parents and see some of them!
    I have tagged you over at my blog in a meme as well x

  3. Great pics!! My mum used to put them ALL on show (even the fat, toothless, knotted hair ugly ones). Horror!!! Thanks for the mention.
    There's a Linky each and every week - this week's is 'The Song You Snogged Your Hand To', so don't forget to post yours and link up here!!!!! 


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