Greek 4 Kids - Our lessons so far

As you probably know I'm in the (slow!) process of learning Greek and since Leo started to talk we've been trying to teach him what we know.  He knows his colours and numbers in both languages along with a few random things in Greek but I still would like him to know more.  I know he will pick it up at school, many British children here go to school knowing no Greek whatsoever and apparently get on fine but I'd like him to have a reasonable idea of what's going on when he gets there and not struggling through trying to work out what to do and what everyone is saying!

My biggest reason to learn Greek is due to Leo - I intend to be able to read the letters that come from school and know what he is talking about when he comes home!

Greek for KidsFor some time I've been a big fan of the 'Greek 4 Kids' blog and was really pleased when the classes were launched in Protaras earlier this month.  Aimed at children age 3 and up (3 ish - Leo's not 3 until May!) the classes are full of fun for kids, stories, songs, crafts and games in Greek so they are learning the language without really noticing!

We've been to four classes so far and we are loving them - I've been staying with Leo at the moment but the plan is to leave him soon.  The others at the class as also under 3, a bit younger than Eri usually takes so I'm not the only Mum there.  It's helping my Greek too as I manage to understand about half of what is said!

It's so good for Leo who despite a bit of reluctance at the initial class is now really enjoying them and not wanting to leave at the end! I'm interested to see how he progresses as the weeks go on, he can be very vocal about what he wants to do and not do and it would be nice if he would do as he is told!   He's never been in a school / organised group situation before so it's all new to him and he doesn't get that it's 'not all about him'!    - Another reason I'm glad we are going here before school!

The classes are really helping us, not only is he now saying a lot more Greek words at home but it's reminding me to say more to him, like 'please' and 'thank you' in Greek too, its all too easy to forget and only speak English as that's all we've known for so long!

This NOT a sponsored post - we attend the lessons and really like them, so just sharing our experience!   


  1. it's very exciting when your child starts to speak a second language. DD went to nursery with no Hebrew except 'kaki' (poo) which I thought would be good for her to know. They say you should be consistent in your first language but I wanted to help DD learn Hebrew so it would be easier for her in nursery. Therefore I teach her words and ask her what things are in the other language. In your case Leo will still have to speak to your parents in English so it shouldn't matter. Just be prepared for his English to regress a little when he starts nursery. It's a bit disappointing when that happens but it's normal. Have fun with the Greek.

  2. Aww, Emma thank you so much for this post! I am sooooo glad Leo and you are enjoying the lessons. I love the way this group has developed into a mother and baby group. It is a lot of fun for me too! See you on Saturday! :)


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