A scary Halloween!

Living in Cyprus I am very pleased to avoid most of the 'Halloween hype' as I'm not really a fan of 'trick or treating' having never done it as a child and more importantly spending years in the UK trying to avoid the older kids who were only interested in collecting money or 'tricking' (ie destroying stuff), that said it may sound hypocritical but I don't dislike Halloween at all,  after all - a reason to party and to dress up, what's not to love!

Last year I went to my first ever Halloween party, at my friend and fellow party/fancy dress fan Sam's. Halloween is Sam's 'thing' and this year she hosted her now annual Halloween party. (Sorry Sam, we'll be back next year,like it or not!) 

Sam had done a fantastic job with the decorations, all home-made (you tend not to see Halloween things in the shops here) and everyone brought a contribution to the food table.  Aaron and I had made a Ghost Cake and I also made Monster Eyeballs and Severed Fingers

As a kids party, it might not have been the success that we imagined it would be however!  It turns out a couple of the kids were terrified of the adults dressed up (they had been fine last year so we assumed it would be ok!) - oops!

In typical Leo style, he wasn't the least bit phased by the adults wearing very odd things, he looked bemused until I explained who they were and then ran off to play!  He is used to seeing lots of photos of us in various costumes though, he looks at one of Aaron in a full devil costume and says 'oh Daddy, what you wearing  - ah its red devil!) 

Maybe next year we shall leave the dressing up to the kids!


  1. I've spent most of this evening screaming loudly everytime I opened the front door to see if I could scare the children who knocked, most of them just looked at me like I was a complete buffoon, in fairness they weren't wrong!

  2. The things you made look fab, especially the ghost cake!
    Thanks for linky up with my Halloween post x



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