Thursday, 4 August 2011

My Birth story - better late than never!

Yesterday I joined in with Tara's Gallery, and said how I'd never blogged about Leo's birth. As I started to give it some thought and begin to write I realised I could never fit it into one (or two!) posts.... so to stop your bums going numb or your laptop batteries dying here goes with the first instalment and a bit of the conversations that led up to it.

Many years ago way before we were even thinking we'd be together long term, let alone get married and think about babies Aaron and I were having a conversation about births and he said there was NO way he would be present at the birth of his child. I was a bit taken aback by this as I thought most Dads these days probably would be but I didn't think too much about it, I was only 19 after all and babies were not yet on my mind.

As my pregnancy progressed we discussed it, or more accurately I mentioned it and was met with the same answer - no way was he going to be in the room.  Being pregnant and hormonal  my feelings changed frequently on the matter.  Sometimes I was fine with it as it was his decision, and sometimes I felt panicked about doing it without him, or worried how it would affect me or us if he didn't  'share' the experience - it was such a big thing and I felt I'd never be able to explain it properly afterwards and worried that he'd never really appreciate what had happened.  

I didn't really have anyone else I wanted or could have there, I lived a reasonable distance from most of my friends and as much as I am close to my Mum when it came down to it I really wanted it to be Aaron with me. We spoke about it lots, and in the end I suppose I forced him to be there. It's always been said I couldn't force him to do anything he didn't want to do, so I feel honoured that he did it despite really REALLY not wanting to. 

Although, I really did think that after the event he would be pleased he had been there. I've heard many Dad's say that even though they did not really want to be there, or they did not want to be at the 'business end' but afterwards were glad that they did. I did not expect Aaron to watch the proceedings as I can't say I would have wanted to do that myself so I didn't expect it would be that much of an issue. 

Leo at 3 hours old.
I realise in a post entitled "My birth story" that there hasn't been much about an actual birth, it was just starting to turn into the longest post in the world, so I'll give you all a break and let you read part 2 here.

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  1. I can't imagine not having had Father Badger at the birth, nor him not wanting to. Maybe his view will mellow with time.

  2. I can't imagine not having Mr.TheBoyandMe there, it's his baby too and it's about being there for the mother. Hope he didn't find it too 'traumatic'!

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

  3. Theres something special about both of you seeing the baby at its very first moment of life.  My OH wasnt keen but he did it....But I ended up having a c section and was knocked out.  He ended up being the first person to see and hold our little one and I think he really cherishes that.  Glad your OH was there too.  Your LO looks utterly precious in that picture.

  4. Oooh my bum is not numb, I want more! I want to know how he reacted now...come on type type lovely lady! This is great! x

  5. Jon said all through my pregnancy with that he didn't think he wanted to be there which is why I asked my friend to accompany me. In the end he did and they were both there to support me and each other . Looking forward to the next installment x

  6. I'm so glad he was there but he still wishes he hadn't been!

  7. He said if he had the choice again, he definitely would NOT be there :( Good job we're not going to have any more then!


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