Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Gallery - Birth

Considering the amount of time I spend online, reading different blogs or randomly wasting time it does come as a surprise to me that I have never got round to writing Leo's 'birth story'.  I suppose as time went on it seemed a bit late and then when he was 5 months old we emigrated and it kind of distracted me!

This week's Gallery theme is Birth,  and reading the many other birth stories and lovely photos entered into it prompted me to think about writing my own.

It was, I think a reasonably straight forward birth but in writing it I had to think about more than just the actual birth. I've not blogged about it before as Aaron and I had different thoughts on what we wanted - me being the pregnant one ended up getting my own way and I think I maybe still feel bad about it!

I've never blogged about my birth story but feel that it is something that should be in this ongoing record of mine so have started giving it some thought.

I had no detailed birth plan, when asked about my wishes I generally replied 'have a baby' by that I meant that whatever happened was good. I like things to go to plan so I didn't want to set myself up to be disappointed.

And I was lucky, it was an assisted birth but not a terrible one,  how could it be at all bad when it produced this little man...

More birth story to follow...

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  1. Cant wait to read more Emma! Leo looks just perfect there doesn't he? xx


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