B is for...Blog

When I started this blog back in September 2009 I had no idea I where I was going with it, I had no idea there was a whole 'blogging community' and even when I realised that I never imagined that I would feel like I was part of it. I started my blog as a record of our move to Cyprus and how we were getting on in our new home, I imagined family and friends would be subscribing to keep up to date and maybe a couple of people who were looking to do the same thing might find me and be interested. (I'd have loved to find a blogger doing the same during our buying process)

As it turns out apart from my Mum (thanks Mum!) I'm not sure any of my friends of family actually read this blog, I post to Facebook and I've had one or two friends mention that they read it but no-one (except Mum again!) has ever commented -   Hello?!  Lurkers please leave a comment, they make me so happy :)

I'm fairly sure if I hadn't found the other bloggers I wouldn't still be here typing away into cyberspace. I enjoy the sense of community and I really enjoy reading other blogs too. I have been asked 'why' I blog and it's not an easy question to answer - other than because I enjoy it!

It possibly sounds a bit extreme but it's even changed the way I think, many times a day something pops into my head and I think 'ooh that's a blog post'. 

There was no question that in my A to Z posts B would be for Blogging  - it's now a big part of my life and my favourite hobby.


  1. Keep blogging, I for one would miss your blogs if you did not and I am not the only one. I think some people, read, enjoy and do not always comment.


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