Happy New Year - Welcome 2021

 Happy new year! 

We had a nice New Years Eve,  on the last day we were able to visit other peoples houses.   It was a sudden announcement that had come in with just a few hours notice on the previous Tuesday but New Years Eve had been given as an exception to the rule.    Which was good for us as it meant we were still able to celebrate as planned with my parents. 

New Year's Eve 2021

We opened our memory jar and the boys really enjoyed opening up all the slips and reading out the memories. It took a lot longer than I thought it would and there were a fair few in there that we had all forgotten. It went down so well that we've already started again for 2021. 

We'd printed out a few quizzes and puzzles to be completed throughout the evening, and some questions to get everyone talking about the year. 

New years eve questions

Of course a lot of answers were covid related, especially with questions such as 'Most Challenging thing this year'  and 'An unexpected obstacle this year'   but it made for some good talking points, and kept the boys of the Xbox for a while. 

Last year I'd made a slideshow video of photos from the previous 10 years which had been a highlight of the evening so I did another for 2020.  Along with the memory jar it was a great way to look back on the year and remember the highlights,  it would be so easy to write off the year as a bad one but I really wanted the boys to remember the happy moments. 

We saw the New Year in singing Auld Lang Syne on the balcony, and opening the front door as I've done all my life, and my Mum and Grandad did beforehand to let the old year out and the new one in.  We actually opened every window in the apartment to make sure it the old one left this time!

On New Year's Day we were supposed to be having a final festive dinner at Mum and Dads but the new restriction meant we were not able to.  Nothing to stop me sitting next to my car in it's parking space which is right outside their front door though.   

It wasn't quite the same but still gave us a laugh as I had a cup of tea and a biscuit talking to them on their doorstep!

social distance meet

I'm not starting the year with the wild optimism that we started 2020 with, I'll just be calmly and quietly walking into 2021.   Who knew this time last year how it was all going to pan out, I didn't even know in March when I sat by the sea with my friends and told them to stop dramatising and "of course they will not shut airports, there's no way that could happen"  

So no predictions from me this time.  We all think we are about to head into another lockdown like the UK, the rumors are saying so anyway.  Tomorrow is a bank holiday and the schools were supposed to return on Thursday,  so far the holiday has been extended until the 10th but I assume that will also change. 

We will just wait and see what happens and what this new year brings us.


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