Now you are Seven {Louka}

Dear Louka,

Happy birthday little dude!

So now you are 7 years old, and we should probably stop calling you the 'little one' but as Dad says, he's in his 40s now and is still the little'un according to Auntie Bek so you're going to be stuck with it too.

You've had a great year,  started big school and you have enjoyed it so much more than your little school.  You like going to school with Leo for the first time, and now even walking together without me.   I hope you enjoy 2nd class just as much and do even better this coming school year.

What else can I say about you,  you are a contradiction - very loud and crazy and very quiet, such extreme opposites!

We are proud how you talk to many more people these days, even if you don't really want to it makes such a difference when you answer questions and acknowledge the fact that you are being spoken to.

Your swimming is amazing, you have definitely nailed that now, jumped straight in at the start of summer and haven't looked back since.

You love your games,  Xbox, tablet, you tube etc.    It's a real struggle to get you off tech but I can't blame you of course, I'd rather play on the Xbox than do many things that I have to do!  We aren't trying to be mean though honestly, just trying to get a balance.  You (might) thank us when you are older!

I hope you enjoy your birthday and pool party, I know you have been looking forward to it all summer.

Lots of love and huggles,
Mum xx


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