Flashback - 80s Board Games

I recently found Game of Life in my local thrift shop and was so excited I brought it straight away to go home and play with the boys and relive the childhood memories.   We had a fun time playing despite the fact it was much more complicated than I remembered and probably a bit too old for Louka.

After discovering that a friend of mine also loved the game as a child we decided we should have a Game of Life evening.   So a few days later accompanied by pizza and a couple of GOL newbies we set it up and played.   There was lots of joking about how it was a little misleading and our lives have not been quite so easy,  some debate over the compulsory marriage and house buying squares and lots of laughter.

It got me thinking about the other games I played as a child.

There were so many,  I think my present from my grandparents each Christmas was a board game, and over the years I acquired a massive selection. My parents spent ages playing different games with me, Mum for the 'kiddy' ones and Dad played many games like Chess, draughts, backgammon and Othello with me.

Cluedo - I really liked this but you need more than 2 people so it didn't get played very often. We have it now but Aaron's not a fan and Louka has never really been able to play properly on his own so it's still in the cupboard.

Monopoly - A classic that I had 3 different versions of.  My Uncle sent me one from America which was the one I mostly played,  with places like Boardwalk and Park Place rather than Mayfair and Park Lane.  I also had the French version (not very popular as none of us spoke French very well, I just thought it was cool!) and the Australian version which I loved because one of the pieces was a koala.

Operation - not one of my favourites as I didn't have the patience or a steady hand.

Perfection - very stressful, it used to make me jump so much when the timer ran out.

Hungry Hippos - I wanted this game so much that I put it on my Christmas and birthday wish lists for years.  I never got it and could never really understand why when I'd get different games instead.  Mum had brought it one year but decided it was basically a bit of plastic crap and took it back to the shop. 

Many years later I found a similar game in a charity shop and excitedly brought it for the boys.  It turns out that it is indeed a big bit of plastic crap!

Stay Alive - I loved this one, simple to play but very clever, so I thought as a child anyway.

Coppit - this was probably not as popular as some of the others but I remember playing this again and again with a friend. We used to change the rules and make up our own once we'd got bored of the proper ones.

Downfall - we have this now and it's still a great game.

Yathzee - I used to enjoy this and it's another I found in the thrift shop and brought for the boys.   They don't quite get it yet so I end up bascially doing it for them but I'm sure they'll get there eventually.

Slightly unusual but one that I remember most fondly is Talisman.

I don't know how I decided I wanted this but I remember really hoping I'd get it for Christmas one year.  I did and I can still remember unwrapping it and being so pleased.  Many years later after discovering that Aaron was a fan  (well, sort of,  he was a D&D fan and also used to do live action roleplay - running around woods with a rubber sword beating people up etc but this was as close as I'd get to it)  I really regretted getting rid of the game and went on a big search to get another.     I eventually did get one off of Ebay for an extortionate amount, we played it a couple of times and realised it wasn't that great.

Trival Pursuit  -  who doesn't love a game of Triv!  We had the Junior edition and I loved playing it with Dad,  Mum used to join us sometimes but wasn't really a fan.  Recently I was given an original Genus edition,  we tried to play it but were shocked at how dated the questions were.

I still love games, and we have a whole cupboard full of them,  kids and adult games. You can't beat a games night!

What were your favourite games?    Do you still play board games now?

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