Day out at Melios Zoo and Extreme Park, Nicosia

I've had a big 'to visit' list for many years ans slowly but surely we are getting round to ticking things off.  It's taking time due to a variety of reasons, usually money, often time,  sometimes weather and some which were just not as appealing with young kids.

Earlier this month we crossed off two places from my family day out wish list with a trip to Nicosia, a planned trip to Melios zoo and an impromptu visit to Extreme Park.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Melios as I'd read several bad reviews online over the years but looking at the website it seemed to me to be worth a visit. Entry prices are low (€3 for adults €2 for children) but I knew everyone wouldn't be impressed if I dragged them all to Nicosia and it was rubbish!

You can buy big bags of carrots for €1 and feed the animals if you wish.

It was actually a great place to visit, the boys really enjoyed it and we were surprised.  I do sadly have fairly low expectations when it comes to visiting attractions here having been to many disappointing events.   The park was much bigger than I expected and was well laid out with lots of paths winding round all the enclosures.

We took a picnic as there is a large picnic area but there is also a cafe serving hot food, drinks and crisps / ice creams.  There is also a large play area.

We saw lots of different animals, more than I imagined there would be.
Donkeys, pigs, goats, kangaroos, peacocks, lemurs, lions and a tiger among others. They all seemed to be in reasonable condition,  some of course looking better (and less smelly) than others.  I'm sure they all should have bigger enclosures but I guess that's the same for most zoos.

Here's just a few of the ones we saw,  including one of several all white peacocks - I didn't even know they existed!

We spent around a good 2 to 3 hours at the zoo and the boys were happy to leave at that point, if a little younger or if they were with others they would have spent longer in the play area but they are not so impressed with play parks nowadays.

So, while in Nicosia we decided to extend our family day with one of the boys favourite pastimes - a round of mini golf.

It was mini golf as they've never seen it before...

Black light mini golf was a bit hit with the boys,  I thought it was cool but it was a bad time to visit!  Sunday in Nicosia and the place was packed solid with a huge birthday party.  To give the staff credit they did warn us if this before we paid but it's not like we were likely to pop in the next day so we went in anyway. 

We didn't stay too long but they were very happy with their golf game, a little time in the soft play area and a game of mini bowling.

A fantastic success of a day all round!

Disclosure - we were given free entry to Melios Zoo in conjunction with the FPN (Famagusta Public Network) 


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