A First For Everything

This weekend saw our first beach trip of the year!

It felt very strange to put on shorts and a bikini top for the first time,  after not being out of jeans, cardigans and boots so far this year but it seemed a bit silly to go to the beach dressed like that, especially as it felt warm in the sun.  (about 21 degrees in case you area wondering)

I learnt from previous experiences and made sure the boys were wearing swim shorts as I couldn't even tell you the amount of times they've ended up soaking wet despite them saying they are not going in the sea.  I even put sun cream on us all!

As you can see it wasn't very busy,  it's not one of the busy tourist beaches though,  Fig Tree bay and the like would have certainly been busier but this was nice and peaceful.  We counted less than 10 people, including us!

I even managed about 20 minutes laying in peace while the boys played - something that has never happened before. It was actually relaxing too as I closed my eyes not having to watch them like I once did.   Leo even laid on a sunbed for a (short) while - how times have changed!

Just chilling

Action shot!
It's a lovely time of year for the beach, even though it's far too cold for us to swim.  It's warm, not hot and you don't feel like you need to dive for shade all the time like I do now once it's reached summer temperatures.  There were a couple of people in the sea but we all decided to pass after dipping a toe in.

We stayed a couple of hours, I would have been happy to stay longer as I'd been enjoying the first sunbathe I can remember in years but I realised it wouldn't have been so relaxing once they decided they'd had enough. 

As I watched them brushing the sand of themselves and walking to the car carrying their own things and not moaning or whinging about anything, I smiled and was very thankful that a beach trip could be so pleasant, there's a first for everything!


  1. DD was also invited to go to the beach on Saturday but she didn't want to. However, we woke up this morning to a sand storm and very windy weather. Did it get to you too?

    1. It started off ok but by 9am it was very hazy and dusty, and we got a little bit of rain mid morning. I'm sure it must be time for the weather to change soon!!


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